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More NOMinal wrongs

by Jeremy Hooper

In their new (and already horribly received) ad, the quote that the National Organization for Marriage visually attributes to Douglas Laycock (teehee) by having it rise out of a sheet of paper bearing his name...

Picture 1-258

...is actually not even from Douglas Laycock at all. It's true that Mr. Laycock, while a same-sex marriage supporter, does have some thoughts on religious freedom in terms of marriage equality and did write a letter to the Speaker of the CT House (download here), he is actually not the one who wrote this "will create widespread and unnecessary legal conflict" schpiel. That quote actually comes from this document, penned by Thomas C. Berg, Robin Fretwell Wilson, Carl Esbreck, and Richard Garnett.

A little thing, maybe. But for an organization that has so boldly and unfairly declared war on our side's supposedly disreputable ways, there is no amount of bullcrappy too small to call into question.

(H/t: Jamie McGonnigal)

**SEE ALSO: Right Wing Watch has more on this.

**NOTE: There's a footnote in that second document (where the quote appears) indicating the possibility that despite them showing the Laycock doc in their vid, the quote could have come from Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty, a book that Laycock co-authored with Robin Fretwell Wilson and Anthony R. Picarello. Which might have made this misrep somewhat less misreppy, if not for the fact that one can read that whole book online -- and one can easily find that the quote did not come from that book either.

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Your thoughts

I'm of the opinion that we should give this ad the big yawn that it deserves and let it die a slow an agonizing death.

Ms. Prejean's 15 minutes will either be up very shortly, or she'll stick her foot in her mouth once again and will make herself an even less compelling spokesperson. Either way we win.

Posted by: Taylor | Apr 30, 2009 12:23:31 PM

Pretty much agree, Taylor. Whereas the other was an epic fail, this one's just a flop. Boring, no real point, and about a person that America is quickly tiring of.

Unless something else develops, we have nothing else to say.

And the funny thing? They haven't even "officially" launched the ad yet.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 30, 2009 12:43:10 PM

RIGHT WING WATCH says she lost her crown??? Did she? I hope so, she sure ain't my Miss CA.

Posted by: LOrion | Apr 30, 2009 1:51:59 PM

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