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Audio: Their lies molest my ears. Is that too a 'sexual orientation'?

by Jeremy Hooper

You know, it's one thing to read about grown adults opportunistically lying so as to convince the public that there are "over 30 sexual orientations," which supposedly include things like pedophilia. But it's often more startling to actually hear them do it for yourself, which is precisely why we want to now play you some short snippets from a recent hate crimes press conference.

 Photos Uncategorized 2008 08 27 200802201058.Jpg-1First up? Andrea Lafferty, whose organization, the Traditional Values Coalition, has led the charge in this fallacious area:

(click to play audio clip)

200905011218And here's Congressman Gohmert (VERY R-TX), a TVC buddy who has year after year repeated the SPLC-certified hate group's lies:

(click to play audio clip)

Appalling? Absurd? Well you're certainly right about that part, Mr. Gohmert and Ms. Lafferty!

*SEE ALSO: Congressman Gohmert really needs to concoct some new bullsh*t scenarios. He used this exact same slap-a-pedophile-with-a-purse situation, almost verbatim, during the markup. Read that transcript, in full, right here.

*Others who blatantly lie for the sake of political opportunism:

Focus on the Family
Liberty Counsel
The Traditional Values Coalition
Congressman Steve King (R-IA)
Concerned Women For America
American Family Association

*Pedophilia is classified as a parahphilia. Here is what DSM-IV-TR actually has to say about paraphilias, which are FULLY and CLEARLY separated from actual sexual orientations.

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Your thoughts

I don't believe for a minute that people like Andrea Lafferty actually believe what they are saying. They know exactly what hate crimes legislation is for. They are saying this stuff because they know the majority of people who send money to their organizations are uneducated dolts who NEED to follow someone else blindly and DO believe this stuff.

And on some sick, twisted level, they are hoping that a pedophile does molest a child or a violent person attacks a pregnant woman, gets harmed in the process and then claims hate crime protections just so they (the Andrea Laffertys of the world) can say, "See? We told you so!"

Posted by: stojef | May 1, 2009 8:06:52 PM

I believe the whole hate crimes bill is, by,and for,the perpetuation of hate againts truth,as gay is an objectionable perverse obomination.Gay is not nor ever will be ok ,no matter how much legislation is passed in support of it.Only the anti heterosexual biggots could want such legislation to elevate sexual deviance to a protected status that greater then the very young and elderly,or those of race and color.As seen in the miss usa pageant the moe that asked miss cali about same sex marriage then had a hissy fit when she gave his pansy *ss a truthful reponce,truely shows who are the real biggots here.

Posted by: sinner | May 1, 2009 8:54:01 PM


You will recall, that being gay etc. was also in the DSM, as a paraphilia, not so long ago.

The DSM is not a document of fact, it is a document of fashion.

There are straight, gay, bi and trans 'paedophiles', you wriggling hypocrites.

I suggest you read a little of Dr Fred Berlin's work and comments.

In a bid to protect your 'deviant' backs, you, totally, miss the point, that no one should be a victim, of a hate crime, for anything.


Posted by: Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield | May 2, 2009 1:10:27 AM

(a) 36 years is actually quite a bit of time. That's how long it's been since the misinformation about homosexuality was corrected.

(b) You say the DSM is not a document of fact -- but yet, you seem to want it to be, at least as it applied to homosexuality pre-1973.

(c) Nobody is denying that there are pedophiles of all seual orientations. Not even a little bit. In fact, that helps our point -- that pedophilia is a behavior (or paraphilia) that can exist within all sexual orientations.

(d) We are many things. Hypocritical is not one of them. As for wriggling? Sometimes, when in the throws of passion.

(e) Dr. Berlin, while a supporter of the idea that pedophilia might have in-born traits, believes that pedophilia is a psychiatric illness that should be treated -- like alcoholism. He does not view homosexuality as either a choice a disorder, any more than he does heterosexuality.

I just shot him an email so as to get you a definitive quote directly from his mouth.

(f) Nobody has "missed the point" that crime as a whole is terrible. And frankly, that argument is getting really, really old.

What we are talking about here are crimes that specifically target a specific community. Bias-motivated crimes. We currently have protections in place to more thoroughly handle these crimes as they apply to certain people (on the basis of race, religion, national origin, etc.) If you want to do away with ALL hate crime laws, then that is one thing -- some do. But if you are to have such protections written into law, then the LGBT community has more than demonstrated the risks that make them deserved of this extension of the law.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 2, 2009 10:03:15 AM

Just so we're all being transparent:

"WMCritest, aka Dr. Nigel Leigh Oldfield, is a former science teacher. Outwardly charming, urbane and eloquent, he also has an arrest record for possession of child pornography. Oldfield was taken into custody in August of 2002 when he was spotted taking pictures of children at a shopping mall. Further police investigation turned up over 11,000 images of child pornography on his home computer. He served eight months for possession, and is now a crusader for pedophilia and its many forms as a form of free speech. He even links to his Website, a compendium of articles that support his theories on psychosexuality, as well as a documentation of his struggles with the legal system. His YouTube channel contains a series of text-show videos in which he holds forth on topics of interest for the Minor-Attracted Adult, a term created to bury the stigma attached to the term pedophile. “Part of my sexuality is that of a MAA, yes,” says Dr. Oldfield in the comments to one of his videos. “Indeed, I am not a paedophile, by the correct definition. If I was, I would admit it… as there is no problem in having a clinical condition, per se."


http://encyclopediadramatica.com/WMCritest [Encyclopedia Dramatica]

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 2, 2009 10:28:25 AM

Then we are in agreement, almost (however, many of the LGBT 'community' seem to forget, when 'they' stood shoulder-to-shoulder with MAAs). Forgetting enough to get me banned from WP. The LGBT 'community' is, often, vocally much worse than even the mainstream, just like smokers who have given up ;)

I do not wish to use the DSM as anything, I made it quite clear what I think of it.

Fred Berlin is part of the same establishment which still wishes to 'cure' 'you'. If he goes too far, too quickly, then bang goes his funding. I have his quotes, thank you, and he has stated that being a 'pedophile'(as he would call it) can be seen as a sexual orientation, which is good, as it is.

BTW, make no mistake, although it is not my position, being LGBT is still a minority 'deviancy', as viewed by most of the world ... be thankful where you are, when you are. So would Fred Berlin, if his book still told him to do so, it could again, in the future.

As for transparency, I do not need to repeat my CV, at every post ... as you have found, Google works to approach the truth (if badly).

Please feel free to develop your reasonable viewpoints within your 'community', because it is 'ours' too.



Posted by: Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield | May 3, 2009 8:52:48 AM

Excuse me while I puke.

Posted by: Bill S | May 4, 2009 7:40:15 PM

Most people are MAAs, very few people are Paedophiles (by 'your' definition).



Posted by: Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield | May 8, 2009 8:50:40 AM

Just stop it, Mr. Oldfield (aka WMCritest). Seriously. You are spinning for your own self-satisfaction. And your bio (which I won't repeat, but that anyone can Google if they wish) speaks for itself.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 8, 2009 8:57:10 AM

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