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Basic fairness + Obama + Internet = RADICAL LEFT-WING AGENDA!

by Jeremy Hooper

Frustrated with the Obama administration's recent handling of things like Don't Ask Don't Tell and DOMA? Well just to put things in perspective: We could have had a President Huckabee:

BAPTIST PRESS: What do the Washington "tea leaves" say Obama will likely do with issues like homosexual marriage and cloning?

HUCKABEE: I think the "tea leaves" say he'll push as radical a left-wing agenda as he can get away with. He's already indicated that. He was so quick to push the same-sex (marriage) rights agenda that he put it on his website within five minutes of being sworn into office. I was shocked by that. Quite frankly, I didn't believe it. A friend of mine had e-mailed me and said, "Have you looked at the White House website?" and told me that this was, you know, a new agenda for gay-lesbian-transgender issues. I thought, "No, it is just one of those Internet things." I went to the site and, sure enough, there it was in just as clear language as it could be.
Q&A: Huckabee urges pro-life efforts [BP News]

But just to put things in perspective even further: We still could have a Huckabee presidency!

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Your thoughts

O.o; You're right. That IS a a very scary thought.
I think I know what I'll be doing three years from now.

Posted by: Clicky the Fox | May 19, 2009 3:18:19 PM

Huckabee is the scariest of the bunch, because he comes across as an every-man, friendly kind of guy. He isn't strident or dismissive in an interview or debate. But his politics and social agenda are absolutely lethal to the LGBT community and this country. If he were to get elected, I'd be on the next plane outta here, and that's not bluster this time.

Posted by: Bruno | May 19, 2009 3:34:30 PM

I am so tired of scare tactics like this. If Obama does not do what he said he was going to what good does it have us to have him be president? I don't have the rights that I deserve now, Huckabee certainly can't take what I don't have away.

Posted by: Douglas Gibson Jr | May 19, 2009 10:28:31 PM

When I read "Q. What do the Washington "tea leaves" say Obama will likely do with issues like homosexual marriage and cloning?"

I thought (mind you, this was before coffee) "OMG they're going to clone homosexuals?!?" :)

Posted by: Tom | May 20, 2009 12:47:20 PM

I wouldn't worry too much about that. There's a reason America said no to a Huckapresident early in the primaries, and it wasn't just because John McCain hadn't yet gone crazy.

What we can really hope for is that Obama governs with a level head and an attitude of bipartisanship (in situations where listening to the few Republicans who AREN'T crazy makes sense), and then when his stint in office is over, maybe the pendulum won't swing disastrously in the other direction.

Posted by: Garet | May 20, 2009 1:53:07 PM

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