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Because 'let's have a civil political discussion' doesn't sell as well as 'WORLD'S GONNA END! AHHH!!!!!'

by Jeremy Hooper

Bishop-Harry-Jackson-JrGeez, what is it with Bishop Harry Jackson and Armageddon imagery? Back in late April, we showed you how Jackson predicted that his failure of a marriage rally would "launch the Armageddon of the marriage battle in this country." Now, speaking to One News Now, Jackson is again invoking that pre-Judgement Day figurative language:

"For those who are questioning where the battle for same-sex marriage is going to land, where is it going to end -- DC is going to be the Armegeddon, the final battleground, I'm convinced," says Jackson
Bill to define marriage in DC introduced in House [ONN]

But then again, he's also convinced that his God detests gay equality, his country foists religious freedom above civil fairness, and his religious calling is to ban thy neighbor. Perhaps we should be scared if he did view the DC marriage discussion in an understated way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get a few last looks at the Lincoln Memorial before John and Steve's honeymoon causes God to raze it.

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Your thoughts

Does anyone else love the fact that One News Now has the same abbreviation as The Onion, ONN? Every time I see one of these ridiculous "news" stories followed by the call sign ONN, I get a little chuckle because as far as credible news is concerned these two sources area bout the same. No offense to The Onion of course.

Posted by: Patrick | May 22, 2009 12:45:35 PM

You would think that the religiots would welcome any and every battle that is depicted as "Armageddon" due to their simplistic view that god (and by virtue, they) win in the end. So I would think that the "end of the world" scenario would be their vindication/purpose for living. And, yet, they seem to be afraid of it. Certainly they seem much more wary of god's wrath than any of us seem to be - BUT WHY?!

I happen to believe that most among the hordes are much less convinced that they are being told the truth, than they are afraid of the possibility that there might be some shred of truth to what the lying liars are telling them. And, that doubt makes them equally fearful that they aren't the ones who will benefit from a world-ending battle with the big guy. So the fiery "Armageddon" speak is more aimed at increasing the DEFCON fear level of his own hordes than anything else.

And fearmongery always loosens the purse strings during of those less-than-convinced hoping-to-buy-their-stake-in-paradise pew-sitters.

Posted by: Dick Mills | May 22, 2009 3:31:36 PM

When "armageddon" happens, will Harry Jackson do me a favor and dress up like his lookalike: Trap Jaw, from the He-Man cartoons?

Posted by: Scott | May 22, 2009 4:05:22 PM

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