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Keep up the games, CPR. We don't mind playing.

by Jeremy Hooper

Well, CornerStone Policy Research's war on transparency continues. Today after making a response to their new ad, we left two comments on their blog: One containing our counter ad and another commenting on their failure to approve our comments:

Picture 2-242

So how does CPR's blog post look now, hours later? Well...

Picture 10-123

Yes, that's right -- our comments were deleted, with only two from their own choir allowed to go through. So even though when the writer of CPR's blog, Jason Allen, left a comment on our site last week, we immediately and gladly approved his comment, it seems that CPR doesn't care to show us the same courtesy. How rude.

But hey, we don't really blame them. Our counter ad is good. And you know? We're gonna take their attempts to shut it out as a testament to its message.

**Feel free to leave your own thoughts: CPR-Action’s New Ad: “Broader Lens” [CPR blog]

**UPDATE: We're not holding our breath for this one to be approved:

Picture 12-90

space gay-comment gay-G-A-Y-post gay-email gay-writer-jeremy-hooper

Your thoughts

I seriously think Tom Farrelly is on the CPR payroll. I'm sure theirs plenty of bigots who believe everything they say, but they dont usually jam every one of the organizations talking points into one paragraph.

Posted by: Penguinsaur | May 19, 2009 1:02:27 AM

Good for you. Don't know how you do it, day after day. ..... Oh! only 3+ weeks thats how.

Posted by: LOrion | May 19, 2009 12:40:49 PM

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