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Nice try, NOM. But...

by Jeremy Hooper

In the hours since we pointed out their misspelling of the word "marriage," NOM put forth a new version of their New York TV spot. Only problem....


Hmm. Maybe for this thoroughly uncharming ad, the third time will be the charm?

*FIRST VERSION: NY Consequences [YT] (*now pulled)

*SECOND VERSION: NY Consequences [YT] (*has also been pulled)

*Third version gets the typography right. Too bad the anti-gay messaging remains far-right: They finally got it! [G-A-Y]

**RELATED: Oh, and their associated press release is not mistake-proof either.

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Your thoughts

That is SOOOOOOOOOOO funny!

Magaglagher must have had to let her speller/grammar-tographist/proofreader/coffee-fetcher/janitor go, due to economic uncertainties.

Posted by: Dick Mills | May 28, 2009 2:48:38 PM

Please God, let there be a "teh" in the next revision.

Posted by: zortnac | May 28, 2009 2:50:05 PM

I partially agree with this one. Surely, variety is the spice of life. But it shouldn't be legislated.

Posted by: Daimeon | May 28, 2009 2:54:21 PM

We make them stutter!

Posted by: Famous Author Rob Byrnes | May 28, 2009 2:59:18 PM

You know, if I didn't know better, I would suspect that we have someone on the inside over there, intent on making them look like illiterate idiots. :)

Posted by: Rhodanum | May 28, 2009 3:17:37 PM

Perhaps they're fans of the kid classic Jacob Two-Two?

Posted by: John | May 28, 2009 3:29:48 PM

Maybe the buttons on Maggie's keyboard keeps getting stuck, with all that doughnut glaze on her fingers and all?

Posted by: Scott | May 28, 2009 4:36:42 PM

Say No to NOM's Same Old Mirage.

Posted by: remix | May 28, 2009 5:02:21 PM

Oh, wow, the schadenfreude is finger-licking delicious!

@ Dick Mills: We hope! I knew there was a silver lining in this recession!

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | May 28, 2009 5:48:28 PM

I'm loving this. So funny. Thank you!

Posted by: jaysays | May 28, 2009 6:27:15 PM

I'm wondering if all the progress we've made in the past year has given Maggie a brain aneurysm.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | May 28, 2009 6:54:15 PM

So "same same" is a double positive, making it a negative (along with "Yeah Right"). So this must mean NOM is against heterosexual marriage and in favor of homosexual marriage! SNAP!

Posted by: I heart Schadenfreude | May 28, 2009 9:33:32 PM

Considering how much money goes directly to Maggie from her other anti-gay industries, I wouldn't be surprised to find that she's raking a bunch into her pocketbook here as well. She's certainly not spending it on competent help

Posted by: Scott_NC | May 29, 2009 10:03:00 AM

W-a-a-a-a-a-a-i-t a minute..... wasn't Mizz Carrie Prejean working with NOM? OK, I think the mystery has been solved.

Posted by: Merlin | Jun 28, 2009 1:50:25 PM

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