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Sen. Diaz hops in uber-conservative bed; we suggest he look under the covers

by Jeremy Hooper

On Tuesday of this week, the New York Senate's strongest opponent of marriage equality, Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., appeared on Matt Barber and Mat Staver's "Liberty Live" radio show. Nothing particularly Picture 34-15interesting happened -- mostly the same ol' anti-gayness (*listen to it here).

However, something interesting did happen the next day. On the 5/20 show, host Mat Staver got in a discussion about Israel, terrorism, and borders. And when the caller with whom he was conversing brought up folks who cross the border from Mexico into Arizona, this is how Mat Staver responded:

Audio source: 05/20/2009 [Liberty Live]

Those who cross the border are seeking to water down America and our sovereignty? And they should come to mind while in the midst of a discussion about terrorism? "No question about it," says Mat.

Ruben-DiazSo now let's go back to Sen. Diaz. Ruben Diaz is a HUGE supporter of protecting undocumented immigrants with fair legislation. In 2006, he was a major force behind the Great Immigrant March, and said at the time of so-called "border protection" legislation:

"The 12 million undocumented immigrants who came to the United States simply to look for work and live a better life deserve a better future than the draconian measures that await them in the HR4437 bill and the planned punishments for those who help them. This is our window of opportunity to help our immigrant community and offer them the chance to live the same American dream that other immigrants throughout our nation’s history have been offered."
Hispanic Ministers Meeting To Discuss Immigration [Sen. Diaz]

And yet when it comes to "draconian measures" that would punish gays and lesbian couples who only seek freedom, he is willing to get in bed with the same people who are less-than-thrilled (to say the least) about a cause that's so close to his heart and community? Does he not see any connection when it comes to their views on what liberty actually means (and doesn't mean)?

Going back to the 5/19 show on which Sen. Diaz appeared: We do want to play you one short clip in which cohost Matt Barber suggested to Diaz that his community is being co-opted:

Audio source: 05/19/2009 [Liberty Live]

We can't help but ask the New York state senator: Which team do you really trust to have your back when it comes to measures that truly keep worthy families together? Somehow we don't think it's the marriage equality supporters who are going to "co-opt" America's melting pot so that it doesn't become too "watered down."

*Oh, and Sen. Diaz: The Liberty boys don't even tolerate Democrats, one of which you are!

**SEE ALSO: Liberty Counsel's immigration white paper:

SNIPPET: "The number of people living according to traditional family values will perilously decline as the population of illegal immigrants grows. Although supporters of amnesty will argue that “immigrants bring to our country strong family structures and strong morals”17 and that their close-knit families “will improve our society,”18 the statistics have proven otherwise. For example, about one-third of births to immigrants occur out-of-wedlock. Furthermore, unmarried immigrants are much more likely to give birth than native-born singles.19 Although the American family has been under attack for many years, those who seek to fight for and strengthen American families must now take into account the overwhelmingly negative impact illegal immigration has and will continue to have on our family values and moral heritage."

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Your thoughts

They don't care....just get rid of TEH GAYS...

Posted by: wally | May 21, 2009 2:40:48 PM

sleep with dogs.........

Posted by: banshiii | May 21, 2009 2:53:41 PM

ah yes. hatred: the great unifier.

Posted by: ZnSD | May 21, 2009 3:02:55 PM

I think that Diaz' opinions are not particularly based on principle, but rather on his own selfishness.

He supports the rights of "people like me" and opposes the rights of "people not like me".

Posted by: Timothy | May 21, 2009 3:41:31 PM

Damn Republicans!

Oh wait, Diaz is a DEMOCRAT...

...not that you bothered to point that out anywhere in the post.

Honest oversight, no doubt. (?)

Posted by: KipEsquire | May 21, 2009 5:23:22 PM

Wow, KE: What unnecessary ire directed at someone who hasn't earned it. I have ALWAYS scrutinized any and everyone, D, R, or in between.

I didn't mention that Diaz is a Democrat because for me, a New Yorker, it slipped my mind that that point is not common knowledge on a national. Good grief.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 21, 2009 8:19:41 PM

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