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'The sanctity and definition of [earning a place on a hate groups list]'

by Jeremy Hooper

200905270932-1Responding to yesterday's Prop 8 ruling, the Traditional Values Coaltion's Louis Sheldon says:

"For nine years the people of California have engaged in a war on the traditional family with those wanting to forever redefine it. Twice the people have affirmed their belief that marriage should be for one man and one woman only in this great state. And today the justices of the State Supreme Court have rightly sided with the people. Let us hope this ruling today forever etches in stone the sanctity and definition of marriage for one man and one woman.
Traditional Values Coalition Applauds California Supreme Court Ruling Defending Prop 8, Will of Voters and Democracy Preserved [TVC]

Responding to Lou Sheldon, we say:

The organization that you founded and for whom you are still shilling has been designated as an 'active U.S. hate group' by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Others earning that dishonor include the KKK, several Neo-Nazi groups, the Westboro Baptist Church, and assorted racist skinhead outfits.

Far be it from us to advise our opposition on how to conduct their political endeavors, or to tell this nation's voters how they should pull the lever. But if a group that has earned its place among this nation's most hostile pushes the exact same message that we are using in our own political campaigns, we would certainly question the rhetoric that we are putting forth. And if an overall movement continues to earn note more for their loathing than their loving, we would certainly ask ourselves why, exactly, a compassionate God would want us to grant them our vote.

Dots. It's time we start connecting them.

**MORE: This is some of why SPLC includes TVC on their hate groups list:

Sheldon, who deems homosexuality a "deathstyle," sends a steady stream of sensationalistic fundraising appeals to TVC members (he claims 43,000 churches are part of his coalition). Most center around the idea that child-molesting is the real "homosexual agenda."
In 1992, Sheldon reportedly told columnist Jimmy Breslin, "Homosexuals are dangerous. They proselytize. They come to the door, and if your son answers and nobody is there to stop it, they grab the son and run off with him. They steal him. They take him away and turn him into a homosexual."
TVC reports echo that theory: "As homosexuals continue to make inroads to the public schools, more children will be molested and indoctrinated into the world of homosexuality."
In 1985, Sheldon personally suggested putting AIDS victims into "cities of refuge."
'A Mighty Army' [SPLC]

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Your thoughts

So, we're the new Satanists for these people? I grew up during the whole 'Satanic Panic' thing of the late-eighties and a lot of the rhetoric sounds the same. I think a fun project might be to track down some of the old Satanic Panic books and see how closely they align with what they're saying about us now.

Posted by: EdgyB | May 27, 2009 3:20:45 PM

I love this. When I first came out, claims like the ones Sheldon (and Gallagher, Barber, and LaBarbera)make enraged me. Now they make me laugh (though if I'm in a bad mood, I might find them a little irritating.)

As if I didn't have anything better to do with my life than go around knocking on doors and snatching children. Even if I actually wanted to do something like that, I'd be too busy attending college and working part-time, chilling with friends, and looking up Good-As-You, The Boxturtle Bulletin, Exgaywatch, etc. to see what outrageous theory some homophobic moron has said.

Posted by: KZ | May 27, 2009 4:01:43 PM

He is exactly right. Us gays will steal your children, tie them up, and force them to listen to ABBA and Hair soundtrack for hours on end.

Posted by: Eillac | May 27, 2009 9:19:26 PM

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