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Video: Brian Brown gives bad talking head

by Jeremy Hooper


(H/t: PHB)

Now we know why he cancelled the last time MSNBC came calling!

Shuster/Brown [MSNBC]
*Oh, and it's pronounced "SOLMON-EEEES."


-In his pre- or early NOM days, Brian Brown spoke to the CT legislature. We called him out, point by point.

-Maggie Gallagher speaks at a university. We rationally and calmly respond to her fears.

-NOM releases incredibly low-rated "Gathering Storm" ad, and we respond to it

-NOM's embarassing casting tapes surface. We laugh at their need to fake it.

denies comments. We ask why.

-NOM issues a "fact sheet" that only gets the "sheet" part right. We clarify.

-NOM supports 2M4M. We are astounded at how self-parodic they are..

-NOM is
despised by YouTube community, receiving parody after parody after parody. We are proud of the Internet community's response.

-NOM is unpopular
even on their own Facebook page. We take note.

forfeits chance to defend their failure of an ad. We wonder why.

overextends their copyright. We, and Maddow, call BULLSHIT!

-NOM's Maggie Gallagher
compares self to Vaclav Havel. We consider the comparison.

-NOM is cited by Frank Rich as
a death knell for the anti-gay movement. We thank Frank.

-Despite all this, NOM
claims that their ad is a "success." We issue a mega "HA!"

-NOM has a board member who once suggested Americans should
"destroy" their gay-accepting government. We think people should know this.

-They ratchet up the absurdity one more notch and actually
"thank" Stephen Colbert for viciously skewering them. Plus their PR person, Mary Beth Hutchins, tweets even more denial our way. We wonder why they are so proud of resoundingly bad PR.

-NOM raises religious freedom questions. We
offer a staunch, but measured, response.

-NOM has a major
Facebook Organizing Fail. We pat selves on back.

compares Carrie Prejean to Queen Esther. We wonder when parading across a Vegas stage in a bikini qualified one biblical martyr status.

-Their new ad is a total snoozefest. We
respond to it with our own video. Others point out the reasons why it's so ineffective

-Bizarrely, NOM is now distancing itself from Prejean.

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Your thoughts

David Shuster rules! Brian Brown though handsome and well dressed is nothing but a ding bat dung beetle.

Posted by: John Ozed | May 1, 2009 3:00:25 PM

Shuster got it right! It is soooooooo tiring to hear news persons just back away from the blatant lies that their interviewee tosses out. That backing-away always leaves open the possibility that the lying liar isn't lying.. because the interviewer let the liar get away with it. Shuster obviously did a lot of preparation for countering the lying liar's lies, and he slammed him to the mat every time he attempted to confuse the issue. Bravo!

Posted by: Dick Mills | May 1, 2009 3:19:45 PM

Brian Brown got lectured like a backwards schoolkid! This just made my day.

Posted by: Baldran | May 1, 2009 3:22:43 PM

That was a thing of beauty to behold!

Posted by: Jonathan | May 1, 2009 4:03:17 PM

Brian, if the list goes "on and on and on," then why does it always seem to start with the Catholic adoption agency in MA, and the beach Pavilion in New Jersey?

Posted by: zortnac | May 1, 2009 10:50:47 PM

They have a new ad out, and their new ad isn't the full ad they advertised on Television in Vermont the other day!!!!!

The ad I saw on TV in Vermont, contained something like "That believing in traditional marriage means you are automatically a liar" then they quote HRC Joe "It is no longer palletable to be an outright bigot, that if you want to deny us these rights, you need to do it by lying and misrepresenting the facts"

So this raises the question of corruption and more misrepresentation, they display an ad on their website requesting donations and THEN air another one that has alot of different content using the donations from the previous ad...

Someone needs to find the original ad!

Posted by: Celeste | May 2, 2009 12:00:08 PM

Celeste: It's just the "No offense" ad cut down to :30 second form. And yes, it seems to be airing everywhere. It aired nationally on CNN this morning.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 2, 2009 12:21:18 PM

Didn't they cut Perez Hilton out of the shorter spot as well? It could just be that they shortened the spot to 30 seconds because they are running short on dalasi (I'm assuming that they've already convert all of their currency to the Gambian dalasi).

But, I'm wondering how much the PH copyright infringement issue has to do with their abbreviated version?

Posted by: Dick Mills | May 2, 2009 3:08:07 PM

No Dick, he's still in. And in case you haven't seen, they have NO plans to back off his "copyright" claims:


Actually one area where I can agree with them.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 2, 2009 5:12:19 PM

You're right! I caught it out of the corner of my eye, and mistakenly thought that PH wasn't in it. And I agree that they probably didn't violate fair-use. There used to be three second rule even for creative copyrights, and they probably didn't even violate that. But, they will probably be equally protected by the factual content doctrine.

Posted by: Dick Mills | May 2, 2009 5:36:47 PM

Note how Brown brings up the issue of teaching the children. What he leaves out is "Teaching children that being homosexual is normal."

The entire motivation of groups like NOM is that we're ab-normal, that we aren't socially equal to straight couples. I'm here to tell them that we are equal, that we're completely normal and that they are exhibiting signs of bigotry trying to suppress my rights.

Posted by: Tony P | May 4, 2009 1:13:36 PM

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