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Video: 'Don't Ask' what Ana and Marie do without Cox

by Jeremy Hooper

Ana Marie Cox keeps the conversation going (once she herself is allowed to ask and tell):

Ana Marie Cox Asks Gibbs About Don't Ask Don't Tell [YT]

**UPDATE: Today Cox got a chance to followup in regards to the Pentagon. The results, which revealed a change from earlier Defense Dept. comments, were seemingly more encouraging: Defense Spokesperson Flip-Flops On DADT Discussions [Advocate]

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Your thoughts

I don't know if you saw Maddow cover this, but what Gibbs said is a lie... I'm kind of starting to become disillusioned with Obama really fast. With Clinton we had a president who at least acknowledged us. With Bush we had a president who we knew was against us and that we could rally against. With Obama, it's starting to look like we have a president who uses gays to get elected and then kind of wishes we would just disappear once he has the power he wanted. At least with Bush we were already under the bus, now it looks like we were helped up off of the road only to be thrown right back under.

Posted by: Patrick | May 21, 2009 12:48:12 PM

Sometimes I feel really sorry for Robert Gibbs, in that he has to do all this skirting after being so adamant and simple in his wording regarding repealing DADT a few months ago. Then again, I suppose any press secretary is a pathetic character.

Posted by: Bruno | May 21, 2009 2:01:44 PM

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