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Report: Hate crimes bill to bum ride with another vehicle

by Jeremy Hooper

200906091442-1According to the Washington Blade, the Senate will pass inclusive hate crimes legislation as an amendment to another bill rather than as a separate, standalone bill:

Senate to pass hate crimes bill as amendment [Wash Blade]

So far there's no word as to what bill the hate crimes legislation will hop onboard, or how soon we might see its passage. Though considering how much the far-right likes to misrepresent this whole situation, it's likely that the vehicle Bill will be whichever one you hear this same team referring to as "Steve."

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Your thoughts

The Washington Independent is saying it will be attached to a bill that will allow people to carry concealed guns across state lines.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Jun 9, 2009 2:47:41 PM

So I guess it's a bill that allows you to carry concealed guns across state lines while NOT shooting gay people with them? Makes sense.

Posted by: Bruno | Jun 9, 2009 10:07:37 PM

Honesty my point of view is that at this point in time , being a suspect class and having Employment protections are such critical a building blocks to all future equality , that i don't care what its attached to , thats politics and they suck - we kid ourselves mightily if we think they will pass these just pieces of legislation without attaching to something many of us will find onerous. These two bills passing alone will be the most significant historical moments of my 52 yrs. They are the cornerstone of all other rights , all else will in time follow - we are not an Hiv or Marriage movement per se

- We are an equality movement - from these two bills ENDA and HATE CRIMES (inclusive of gender expression or no bill at all) every other right will follow in time. AS for the guns , the war - its gonna take more than our population of 35 million (at least) to stop that - As it is, with the rise of right wing rhetoric the killing of Doctor Tiller - the gun issue may hold the entire bill back - that would be the cruelest of sabatage. Our government needs to address Hate Crimes , not only against lgbtq but wingnuts are assinating not only lgbtq but anyone that doesn't agree with them. Its time to reel in these wingnuts and Obama needs to address the Nation about this. About Tolerance and domestic extremism.

Its time to stop spying on Quakers and look at the Zealots , and firmly diminish the strangle hold that religious nuts have on this country. WE are not the only ones , they hate and kill. So in the end - its cynical to allow less gun control, but if it gets us inclusive Hate Crimes legislation - it works for me. I don't like it. But we need to be a "suspect" class ,demographic by any means necessary.imho

Posted by: genderqueer riff raff | Jun 10, 2009 11:42:36 AM

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