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The AFA: Could find 'controversy' in a TV test pattern

by Jeremy Hooper

You may have seen "The Goode Family," an ABC-TV show that spoofs political correctness:

It's another show that follows the ever-popular "take on any and everything" thats become an animated television cliché in recent years. But if there is any one group that might feel most "targeted" by the humor, it would seem to be liberals. That's the whole setup: That the progressive family at the show's center is often trapped by their own convictions. It's sort the polar opposite of "American Dad," with a caricature of a left-leaning family this time getting the good-natured ribbing.

Well leave it to the American Family Association to mine "controversy" out of a show that we would expect them to enjoy. The ever-indignant group of self-appointned moral authoritarians it's expressing outrage -- OUTRAGE! -- at the Engeriger company for choosing to sponsor this "inappropriate" program:

ABC's new program The Goode Family is just another Family Guy. This "cartoon" is not only inappropriate for family entertainment, but the name of this program is misleading to parents as well. Goode is the family's surname and certainly not a description of this program's content.

This show has offensive material and is not suitable for young viewers. This program includes more garbage than a typical show during primetime. This series includes:

• Homosexuality- an entire current episode on lesbians
• Foul language and alcohol consumption
• Anger issues
• Racism
• Mocks Christianity and abstinence

Take Action

All mothers are familiar with Energizer products. Sadly, they are supporting the negative influence of 'The Goode Family' by sponsoring the series with huge advertising dollars. Let them know that while Energizer is a household name, we do not approve of their financial backing of this program.

Send Energizer an email letter and ask them to stop sponsoring 'The Goode Family' through advertising.

Why is Energizer going for 'The Goode Family' [AFA's One Million Moms]
(H/t: LOrion)

Okay, uhm:

-Program name is misleading? No, it's just that these humorless folks are simply missing the point! The title is a play on words, citing the do-gooder family at the heart of the show. Again, the nature of their "goodness" is the show's fodder; the show's title sets up the concept.

-Not suitable for younger viewers? Well yea, that's why it's TV-PG: Parental Guidance is suggested. What do they want ABC to do, go door to door and force parents to take responsiblity for their kids' viewing habits?

-The five cited instances of "garbage"? Well most of these, like homosexuality and moderate alcohol consumption, obviously don't need any "explanation." But as for the negatives like racism and anger issues? Well these concepts are not emboldened, like AFA makes it sound. These real-life topics are the basis for comedic arc. But to AFA staffers, whose professional minds often seem incapable of nuance, all distinction is removed. The difference between "racism" and comedically exploring race matters is presented as lying somewhere between negligible and nil.

-And lastly: What's with arbitrarily singling out Energizer as the target of your wrath? This program, like all episodic television, has scores of advertisers. What the hell did the batter makers do to earn extra heat?!

But then again, this is the AFA we're discussing. Mining sense out of their operation is more difficult than finding a particularly small needle in the world's largest hay field.

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Your thoughts

I'm going to predict that this show gets canceled, *purely* off of precedent that animated comedy shows outside of the fox network never seem to last more than a season or two (don't ask me why).

Beyond that, I'm going to predict that Don will be sure to claim credit victory points.

Posted by: zortnac | Jun 30, 2009 12:21:45 PM

I wish I could laugh off the AFA and dismiss them as the crazy/confused old guy shouting, "Get off my lawn!" but the reality is they're representative of a demographic with a really scary agenda--selling America on the farce of the "persecuted white man," or rather the "persecuted, white, straight man."

We just have to keep on truckin', though. Keep being reasonable, no matter how frustrating it is that such respect and restraint is not expected from the opposition.

Posted by: Garet | Jun 30, 2009 12:22:23 PM

Yeah, AFA. Take it on an animated sitcom that's probably going to get cancelled soon and claim its demise as your "victory", while shows that pull no punches when bashing your social and "moral" views like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park, continue getting high-ratings and selling merchandise.

Posted by: ---- | Jun 30, 2009 3:27:25 PM

"take...on an animated sitcom that's probably going to get cancelled soon and claim its demise as your 'victory'"

Believe it or not, I didn't even think about that. But you're exactly right: That is totally what they are doing here!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jun 30, 2009 4:01:20 PM

But Jeremy, don't you know what batteries can be used for? They're evil, evil, evil!

I didn't know about this show. Think I'll give it a watch or two. I hate how this group works so hard to "sanitize" things to the point where a 5-year-old will find it unwatchable. This group once got angry because NASCAR on TNT didn't bleep it when ex-driver/commentator Kyle Petty yelled "fuck!" during a particularly spectacular multi-car crash. Another time, they got after NASCAR because Dale Earnhardt, Jr. said "shit" during an emotional moment, after he won at a track where his late father dominated. Thanks in part to the AFA, drivers are now fined thousands of dollars for on-air cussing.

The one that really appalled me, though, is when they encouraged readers to complain to the FCC because CBS showed a documentary on 9/11 using raw footage where, of course, the brave firefighters who worked so hard to save as many lives as possible cussed quite a bit. It wasn't, say, the falling bodies that upset them. I'm glad CBS basically told them to go soak their heads.

It's not just us, though their treatment of LGBTs and media that portrays us fairly is horrible. They don't want anyone to talk or act or laugh like an adult human being with a full range of emotions, really. We are canaries in the coal mine.

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Jun 30, 2009 10:58:14 PM

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