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While we were away: Census decided to sense us

by Jeremy Hooper

On June 20 came the happy news that the 2010 Census will officially count same-sex married couples:

"This is a huge win for our community. Our community and allies stood up and refused to allow same-sex marriages, our families and our children to be rendered invisible in the picture of our country provided through the census.

"After months and months of pressure through the grassroots campaign we waged and our in-person meetings with administration officials, the U.S. Census Bureau has reversed policy and will be accurately counting the thousands of same-sex couples who have worked so hard to have their love and commitment recognized.
-NGLTF Executive Director Rea Carey
Task Force applauds U.S. Census Bureau's decision to count married same-sex couples in 2010 census [Taskforce]

Getting our families tallied by governmental bean counters: Aren't you all just so jealous of our sexy, debauched agenda, heteros?

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Your thoughts

This is good news for our side, but technically, I don't think you can use the word "statisticians" when describing the Census. They are more like "bean counters", or "accountants" since they don't utilize sampling or statistical modeling (and there is no margin of error). That is one reason why it is very important that everyone (EVERYONE) responds to the census.

I find it truly incredulous that some of the Radical Right Repugs in the congress have actually been vocal in suggesting that their constituents not respond to the census. The effect of all this bean-counting is disproportionately positive toward those who do respond, and conversely negative toward those who don't.. so you would think that the Radical Right Retards would be admonishing the hundreds of them that are left to absolutely respond.. but no one ever accused them of being terribly bright.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jun 28, 2009 7:18:03 PM

Ooh yea, "bean counters" is much better, DM. I'm gonna change it right now.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jun 28, 2009 7:25:33 PM

Michele Bachman is the fool who suggested not responding to the census. She's a representative in our state. Her district is behaving like it's purple, not red. She barely won the last election. The number of congressional districts is determined by the census. Her district is probably the one that would be redrawn if we lose a congressional district. Her district is surrounded by blue districts. She might be talking herself out of a job.

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jun 28, 2009 9:36:42 PM

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