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While we were away: Chris Christie stripped his 'Chris/Christie unions only!' dogma

by Jeremy Hooper

Chris-ChristieDuring his Republican primary face-off again far right conservative Steve Lonegan, New Jersey gubernatorial hopeful Chris Christie proudly ran a "shared values" webpage [here's the Google cache] on which he touted his aggressively anti-equality stance:

"I also believe marriage should be exclusively between one man and one woman [....]I believe that marriage should remain the exclusive domain of one man and one woman. If a bill legalizing same sex marriage came to my desk as Governor, I would veto it. If the law were changed by judicial fiat, I would be in favor of a constitutional amendment on the ballot so that voters, not judges, would decide this important social question."

But now that Christie's battle is with fairly progressive Democrat Jon Corzine and his needed votes lie with a broad swath of this fairly reliable blue state, he has quietly scrubbed these hard-line stances from his official website. Gone. Nowhere to be found (other than in archival copies). This from Blue Jersey:

Christie's campaign said that the page was taken down "for technical reasons". Now, I wonder if it is because he "technically" didn't really mean that during the primaries when he ran hard to the right - causing many of Lonegan's supporters to question whether he was pandering then. Or, it could be because he wants to run and hide from his "true values" - ones that are far outside of the mainstream and pander to the far right.
Christie's disappearing "values." What is he hiding? [Blue Jersey]

Oh, but we all know it was there. And now we must ensure that Jersey voters, with their ever-increasing marriage support, are also aware of either what Christie truly thinks or will say he thinks in order to win (both of which are likely to be seen as undesirable characteristics by a fair-minded citizenry).

We say: Put it back up, Chris. If you're bold enough to strip away our equality, don't weak-kneedly strip away that unfortunate civil rights reality!!

*NOTE: This development came to light on 6/18. Despite the "technical reasons" claim, the hard-line stances have not gone back up in the eleven days that have followed.

**UPDATE, AUGUST: After much discussion, the out-of-touch "values" are now back up on Christie's site. We find that is stands in stark contrast to his attempt to be seen as "independent": Chris Christie: A 'fierce independent' who's fiercely dependent on anti-gay opportunism [G-A-Y]

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I will laugh for two consecutive weeks when marriage equality comes to my grandmother's home state over his objections.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Jun 29, 2009 12:17:02 PM

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