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While we were away: Long Island figure corrects wrong-minded fissure

by Jeremy Hooper

SuozziOn 6/13, the day that this New York writer was marrying in Connecticut, Nassau County executive Tom Souzzi put forth a New York Times Op-Ed wherein he voiced support for other queer New Yorkers to be able to marry a little closer to home:

WHEN I ran in the Democratic primary for governor against Eliot Spitzer in 2006, I vocally supported civil unions for same-sex couples but did not endorse equal marriage. I understood the need to provide equal rights for gays and lesbians, but as a practicing Catholic, I also felt that the state should not infringe on religious institutions’ right to view marriage in accordance with their own traditions. I thought civil unions for same-sex couples would address my concerns regarding both equality and religious liberty.

I was wrong.

KEEP READING: Why I Now Support Gay Marriage [NYT]

Sure, it's just one person changing his mind. But if ever there were a land that embraces trends and "Keeping up with the Jones"-iness, it's Long Island. So here's hoping that this stance catches on with the locals more than Lacoste, Crocs, or Fairway bagels ever did!

Lots and lots of people have "I was wrong" statements in their futures. We will never tire of hearing them.

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