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While we were away: Majority leader talker plan to lead minority out of biased bunker

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 20-52On June 15, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid concerned reasoned fighters for fairness when he indicated that he'd prefer an administrative approach to Don't Ask Don't Tell, since he "[hasn't] identified any sponsors" in his Democratic-controlled chamber:

Sen. Reid: No Sponsors for DADT [Advocate]

But then just one day later, Senator Reid backtracked on that sentiment, suggesting instead that many senators are working on a repeal, just not yet in an official sponsorship capacity:

"We do not have a DADT bill introduced in the Senate yet, but a number of senators are working on a bipartisan approach to get DADT repealed," Senator Reid said in a statement Tuesday. "We would welcome a legislative proposal from the White House on repeal so as to provide clear guidance on what the president would like to see and when. With presidential leadership and direction, I believe we can find the time to get repeal done in this Congress. We need all the troops we can get right now."
Reid: DADT May Happen "This Congress" [Advocate]

So a big "WTF?" pretty quickly turned into a "Oh, I guess that sounds okay." Now we just need to get all these inertia-plagued balls rolling so that we can turn the military's extraordinarily disheartening slight into one something that no longer sponsors bald-faced discrimination.

**RELATED: The anti-DADT advocates at the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network led a weekend protest at the White House:

Scenes from SLDN's protest at the White House [YT]

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