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Focus on the deliberate poll misreads

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday we showed you how, despite the data SPECIFICALLY stating that same-sex marriage had only a modest (if any) effect on Gov. John Lynch's approval rating, the Family Research Council was trying to spin a new poll so that it seemed that same-sex marriage was destroying the New Hampshire Democrat's favorable numbers. Now, a day later, Focus on the Family gets in on the duplicitous action:

After signing gay marriage into law in June, New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch is watching his approval ratings fall.

Historically, Lynch, a Democrat, has enjoyed high public approval, but for the first time since October 2005, his favorability has fallen below 70 percent. Only 63 percent of New Hampshire adults now approve of his performance.
In June, New Hampshire became the sixth state in the nation to allow same-sex marriage. Kevin Smith, executive director of Cornerstone Policy Research, said the drop in approval for Lynch can be traced directly to his stand on the issue.

N.H. Governor's Popularity Tanks after Gay Marriage Legalized [CitizenLink]

Well Kevin Smith can say that stawberry jam cures cancer if he wants to -- it doesn't change the actual data set! And the actual data set says that same-sex marriage has had virtually no effect on the governor's overall rating:

Picture 25-32
The Survey Center [Univ. of NH]

But you all keep willfully misrepresenting, social conservatives. That is one thing that is demonstrably doing damage to the Republican Party's overall favorable rating!

**The poll data[Granite State poll pdf]

**Our earlier post: FRC writer's own source link: It's like Pinocchio linking to his own growing nose [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

After one of the lying liars says something, the rest of them think that they can repeat it with impunity. They don't need facts to support their claims, they just need one liar to say something that they can quote. It doesn't matter to them that they are repeating lies, just that the quote supports their agenda.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jul 7, 2009 8:49:36 PM

That seems to be the latest tactic of those who oppose full equality. They do their own 'polling' and come up with bogus numbers. Here in RI, NOM commissioned a poll.

Curiously they found only 36% in favor of marriage equality, while the Brown University and ProJo polls put that mark at about 60%.

In the blog post about the NOM survey on ProJo's web site they had posted the demographic data on age groups. They said 36% were 65 or older. I pulled a query on the Central Voter Registration Database and found only 19% are 65 or older.

Someone is telling a fib, and that someone is the National Organization for Marriage.

Posted by: Tony P | Jul 7, 2009 9:29:51 PM

The annoying thing for me, as a scientist, is "only 63%."
63%! That's actually quite high, in any circumstance, never mind a political rating! Add to this the fact that signing the bill only gave a 9% swing away, with most people apathetic, misuse of stats is starting to be a habit, what say we all come together and buy them stats books, who knows if we call them "statistics bible by J. Christ" maybe they'll even read them.

Posted by: Corvidae | Jul 8, 2009 2:51:29 AM

Lets see wich is the worst lie? The one about what the polls say or the one that says gay is ok? We already know that both sides lie but I'm sure that the gay is ok stance does more dammage,and you dont want that truth to be known. We find these truths to be self evident that the wages of sin is death. The truth be told to engage in homsexual activities is a choice to engage in sin. To support homosexual activities is a choice to support sin. One does not have to engage in sin with someone the love or just met but the can choose to do so. None of you can claim to know right from wrong and still say gay is ok because then you become the liar like those you complain about. What is right and wrong does not change because of what any of us feel about them they are unchangeing, unlike our own minds over these issues in which we try to turn somthing we know as wrong into somthing right because of how we feel it should be instead of how it is. For some to choose right from wrong is simple for others its a constant struggle does that mean that those that struggle should have the rules of right from wrong altered so that they dont have to face their struggle?

Posted by: sinner | Jul 10, 2009 8:20:16 AM

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