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Not so graphic, but novel

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 24-24Many assumed Wonder Woman would be the one to break this barrier, in a special edition in which she traded fighting baddies for a little R&R at the Dinah Shore Weekend. But alas, ladies, it's the boys who get to knock down comics' kissy closet door:

X-Factor, one of Marvel's Comics' most critically acclaimed series, includes a same-sex kiss between characters Rictor and Shatterstar in the latest issue. This is one of the first same-sex kisses featured in a mainstream comic.
X-Factor Comic Gets First Gay Kiss [Advocate]

Batman, Robin: Could wedding bells be far behind? If you like, put a ring utility belt on it.

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Your thoughts

Speaking of "wedding bells"...when do we get to see some pics from your album?

Posted by: Taylor | Jul 2, 2009 11:31:05 AM

Love it!

But just an FYI: Wonder Woman is a virgin and one of the reasons why she left Themiscyra (Paradise Island) is because she fell in love with a man. (Which kinda makes her the queer one)

Beside the Sisters of Sappho can take pleasure that they have Batwoman who now the lead character of Detective Comics.

Also boys kissing in comics is much more a rare thing then girls kissing in comics.

I'm a comic geek and proud of it!

Posted by: Alonzo | Jul 2, 2009 12:02:13 PM

Taylor, please be patient. As Jeremy's already explained. he hasn't even seen all the pics himself. He's hoping to get some up over the weekend.

Posted by: Bill S | Jul 2, 2009 5:58:15 PM

I'm so excited! I have had a subscription to x factor for a while! I can't wait for this issue!
But rictor and/or shatterstar gay? Really? Had no clue.

Posted by: Really? | Jul 2, 2009 7:21:53 PM

I've always heard that Shatterstar was gay, but Rictor was a surprise. Didn't Rictor have a crush on Jean Gray at some point? And wasn't he dead at some point? (I know, most of the X-Men have been dead at some point)

And credit where credit is due: Let's not forget all the non-mainstream comics that have featured gay relationships for years without the benefit of a press release.

Posted by: Derek in DC | Jul 3, 2009 1:53:45 PM

I was a big comic book nerd back in my closeted junior high days when Rictor and Shatterstar were in X-Force. I soaked up ever frame when their close friendship was budding and always wondered how far it would go. Seventeen years later, I have my answer:)

Posted by: Jonathan | Jul 6, 2009 9:54:50 AM

As Derek said: there have been lotts of gay comics, they just didn't get publicity. This does make me happy, though. (:

Posted by: Chara | Jul 6, 2009 7:50:17 PM

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