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Video: This is what pure, unadulterated hatred looks like

by Jeremy Hooper

You may have seen the Leffews, the uber-sweet same-sex-headed household whose Youtube videos have become favorites with many gay bloggers. Now listen to an unrepentant dogmatist attempt to rip apart this loving family, but instead unwittingly rip the "loving" mask off of anti-gay hostility:

Some people truly want us gone. Don't ever forget that.

Pervert Family Values - The truth about "Gay Family Values" [YT]
**Watch the Leffews' awesome videos without the dehumanizing commentary

**OMFG UPDATE: Look what this man teaches his own children! In the first few moments of the first vid, you can quite clearly hear his daughter say "f*gs":

**And for insight into where he got it from, listen to the YouTuber's jaw-dropping conversation with his own father:

Obsessive. Compulsive. Disturbing.

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Your thoughts

First 'conversation'-video.

Dad: "When a young girl is molested, that's terrible and they come down on the guy. They're trying to make it so that they can do it and get away with it."
Son: "And it's more perverse. I mean, it's perverse for a guy to molest a 14-year old girl, *but it's still straight sex at least.*"

Sick puppy.

Posted by: Themistocles | Jul 8, 2009 1:43:28 PM

the only way to describe this is sick and wrong!

Posted by: dragon88 | Jul 8, 2009 2:00:49 PM

You know, it said when this guy wastes people's time with negative views on how a gay couple live their lives and raise their children. I flagged this video.

Posted by: Sam | Jul 8, 2009 2:08:15 PM

I sent a nice little message on YouTube - called him a fictional Christian. I can't wait to see his response.

Posted by: Tony P | Jul 8, 2009 2:14:02 PM

I think the man's subscribers says more about him than us. Racists and basically ignorant fools. Just a part of life's "rich pageant."

Posted by: a. mcewen | Jul 8, 2009 2:24:55 PM

This is a great picture of the absolute fringe of Amerika. Notice on his youtube page that he's a creationist (of course)with such brilliant videos as "Evolution is Impossible!". He's about as relevant as 'fool4alifetime' and 'krazie316' who are cousins and LOVE to bash gay people on youtube. I've sent numerous messages to youtube about their messages of hate (since it's technically a private forum and they claim to moderate) with no response. How long are we supposed to be tolerant of their intolerance/hate and ultimate promotion of violence towards us?

Posted by: ZnSD | Jul 8, 2009 3:07:37 PM

The first video has been removed for breaking terms of use.

Posted by: Matt Algren | Jul 8, 2009 3:08:32 PM

The video has been removed. Can anyone describe it?

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jul 8, 2009 3:10:27 PM

Just tried to watch his video on the Leffews and it has been removed.

Posted by: Sam | Jul 8, 2009 3:12:31 PM

I couldn't even watch two minutes of this. The first video's already been removed from YouTube. I expect the others will be eventually.

Posted by: Bill S | Jul 8, 2009 3:16:29 PM

my goodness this hate filled little man certainly is obsessed with homosexuals.

Posted by: sue | Jul 8, 2009 6:35:53 PM

I can't wait till this guy has to come out to his wife and comes crying to the local gay bar or trolls craigslist.

Posted by: Brandon Humphries | Jul 8, 2009 7:26:06 PM

See link. It is my video response to GodGunsGutsGlory.

Look, I'll freely admit a few things. I'm an atheist, don't' believe in any gods at all. But don't let this little fact preclude me from 12 years of Catholic schools, and a fair bit of independent study. I look at it this way, in order to vanquish ones enemies you need to KNOW your enemies.

Posted by: Tony P | Jul 8, 2009 9:53:12 PM

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