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Maine Family Policy Council says sorry (for 'perverse' gays forcing them to make mistakes)

by Jeremy Hooper

6A00D8341C503453Ef0120A573F5De970C-1When it comes to the vehicle decal that the Maine Family Policy Council incorrectly labeled as "sadomasochist": Their rush to judgment was bad enough. But their subsequent attempt to eschew responsibility is downright despicable:

This is an error that anyone could have made, and is understandable in a society which is no longer shamed by perversion, but actually boasts of perversion and publically endorses it as "pride." The fault lies ultimately with those who seek to normalize deviancy.

We regret, however, if we have unwittingly and unintentionally associated anyone with this despicable movement.

Our error will be quickly pardoned by our friends, but no amount of explanation will satisfy our opponents, who will do their utmost to exploit our mistake.

For that reason, we want our opponents to know that this mistake will not cause us to relent in our efforts to expose the perverse and dangerous aspects of the homosexual lifestyle. Instead, we will redouble and triple our efforts to bring this to the attention of the public, in particular, the killing of a 'gay' man in South Portland, allegedly by a vocal advocate of same sex marriage. The victim was a supporter of a museum in Chicago dedicated to sadomasochism.

Correction [MFPC]

So you see, it's not Mike Heath and company's fault that they referred to a cop-honorer as a BSDM fetishist. It's the "perverse" gays' fault, dontcha know? Because not only have we destroyed their cities and corrupted their weather patterns: We've also apparently prevented them from doing the most cursory of research before writing hit pieces!

Aren't we just pond scum?

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Your thoughts

Jesus F*cking Christ on a Cross. I'm embarrassed that he lives in Maine. I'm embarrassed that he lives. Of course, there is the hope that he will drive would-be supporters of "traditional marriage" away in disgust.

Posted by: ColdCountry | Aug 26, 2009 1:33:24 PM

I don't know anything about the case of the man in South Portland who was killed, but I'll give Mr. Heath the benefit of the doubt and assume he's telling the truth.

It is absolutely, unforgivably, deplorably despicable that anybody would attempt to justify a crime by pointing out the victim's support for an S&M museum.

Mr. Heath has a track record of hystrionics, but this is inexcusable. I wonder, would he have the courage to repeat the statement, in person, to the victim's family? Until he does, he's a shameful coward.

Posted by: DN | Aug 26, 2009 1:55:14 PM

I'm amazed at these christians (pfft - leaves a bad taste in my mouth to call these creeps christians - they're not even "human beings") have forgotten - "Judge not lest ye be judged" and "Love thy neighbor as thyself FOR THE LOVE OF ME" (Jesus didn't say love your neighbor as long as they are just like you - Jesus even loved the people who killed him) and "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." It would be VERY INTERESTING to listen in on the judgments of these folks when they hit the promised land - probably "GO straight to hell" - - I'm still perusing my bible looking for where God said that men have short hair from that mongrel who was running off at the mouth yesterday! Do they NOT listen to themselves???

Posted by: tom | Aug 26, 2009 2:32:10 PM

"This is an error that anyone could have made, and is understandable in a society which is no longer shamed by perversion, but actually boasts of perversion and publically endorses it as "pride." The fault lies ultimately with those who seek to normalize deviancy."

So who's the gay guy that tied them to a chair and forced them to google the leather pride colors? unless they knew at a glance what the colors were....

Posted by: penguinsaur | Aug 26, 2009 3:34:15 PM

DN - here's the case M. Heath is referring to:


Posted by: Alonzo | Aug 26, 2009 3:55:41 PM

I don't know about you guys, but I'm circulating this one to as many venues as possible. Only those that (yes, that) have no reasoning ability whatsoever will find this less than complete insanity.

Posted by: Dale | Aug 26, 2009 5:06:05 PM

What amazes me, every damn time, is that groups and mouthpieces like this will take ONE incident; one crime, however heinous, and then say this is why Teh Gays are bad.

Ignoring this:
"a woman is far more likely to be killed by her spouse, an intimate acquaintance, or a family member than by a stranger. More than 11 times as many females were murdered *by a male they knew* (1,521 victims) than were killed by male strangers (133 victims) in single victim/single offender incidents in 1999.k Of victims who knew their offenders, *60 percent (917 out of 1,521) were wives, common-law wives, ex-wives, or girlfriends of the offenders.*

Unfortunately, ex-boyfriends cannot be included in the intimate acquaintance analysis because there is no separate designation for ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends in the SHR relationship category."

So, when a woman is murdered, 60% of the time, it is her male partner who killed her. Clearly, heterosexuality is a sick, sick practice.

Posted by: Laura | Aug 26, 2009 7:09:19 PM

Laura, can you get a link to where you found that information?

Posted by: Just Me | Sep 22, 2009 10:26:24 PM

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