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The world's ending, huh? Well can we at least have a slice of wedding cake first?

by Jeremy Hooper

If you want to know what sort of mentality is truly fueling Maine's attempt to roll back civil -- CIVIL, CIVIL, did I mention CIVIL? -- marriage equality, then look to comments like this:

"The end is certainly coming."

"It is an awful world we live in today but Jesus instructs us to not be scared. These things must come to pass so the full glory of His power will be manifest to this earth. We don’t need to be afraid; we need to be excited about His coming!"

"God wants to show us off to a dark and dying world."

These all come Rev. Dallas Henry, writing for the "People's Veto" proponents at the Maine Family Policy Council/Christian Civic League of Maine: [*source: APOSTASY (MFPC/CCL of Maine)]. The general idea is that this stage play that we call Our Existence on Earth: A Comedy in Three Acts is about to reach its curtain call, and all that is happening on this planet that goes against evangelical Christianity's desires (i.e. our legal unions) is nothing more than a pre-closing sign of the "dark and dying world." These are the same sort of views the underlie the fight to "presereve the sanctiy of marriage" (i.e. Please God by denying gays).

How the hell do we rationally deal with this? How do we, lovers of life who believe that this spinning orb still has many good centuries left in it (unless we humans f*** it up), counter the fantastical notion that our legal right to love and marry is an Endtimes appetizer? Where do we turn to "prove" that God would accept a Facebook friend request from our queer asses? And how do we frame civil arguments against a political movement that largely shares this faith view (whether they come out and say it or not)?

The reality is that many of our organized opponents don't tend to even hear whatever civil arguments we may make, because they are already packing their mental bags for a permanent, Rapturial vacation. We are not going to be able to change that, at least not in three months. But we can highlight the intense, fatalistic mindsets and the intense, personal theology that is being used against us in the public sector. When our organized opposition tells Maine that this is all about kids reading gay-inclusive school books, we can highlight the tales of Armageddon that they are disseminating behind the scenes. Or when they try to put forth the image of a broad-based, multi-faith coalition, we can question where people of other kinds of faiths (especially those who don't accept Jesus as the Messiah) stand in our most vocal opponents eyes. Because after spending many, many, many days covering the so-called "pro-family" movement, we genuinely believe that their team's majority-embraced Endgame seeks a world where evangelical Christians are the one and only group that reigns supreme, while all the rest of us are a band of unworthy "others" who will not be smiled upon from the heavens until we embrace their light.

The end is coming? Well, we would never be so bold to say one way or another. But we do, quite unapologetically, seek an end to the use of Endtimes evangelism in denying us of our civil, Earth-based freedoms. So we will, also unabashedly, seek justification from those who think it's acceptable to fight our mortal liberties with their own pursuit of eternal happiness.

**NOTE: On the same page where Rev. henry makes these comments, CCL of Maine/MFPC asks readers for donations. They cite "..the battle on two fronts; the defeat of the Homosexual Marriage and the expansion of gambling" as reason why people should give. Lest you think we're too fully connecting this piece with the bigger movement.

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Your thoughts

What they're saying is true in a fashion. Whether they win or lose here, the end of THEIR world is coming.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Aug 7, 2009 9:09:06 AM

Theirs a reason Iowa is the only state not in the bottom 10 least religious to allow same-sex marriage. The simple truth is without a bible to thump the bigots would have to make logical, rational arguments to defend theeir position. Because this country gives so much respect to their myths however they're allowed to treat us like shit because of it.

Posted by: penguinsaur | Aug 7, 2009 12:58:48 PM

One would think that they would be ecstatic at the prospect of the ultimate culmination of their pilgrimage toward their promised land of diamond encrusted, solid gold gilded mansions in the sky. While it ain't seventy virgins, that other lap of luxury seems to be everything that is driving them... or is it?

I have always had difficulty understanding the dissonance inherent in their obviously irreconcilable dichotomy. According to their mythology, the world has to crumble into a heap of debauchery (something of a 'sine qua non' of their prescient 'end days' predictions) before they achieve their goal. But then they seem to be exceptionally afraid of it actually happening.

So, you have to ask yourself, "what are they really afraid of?" Is it that they know their nonsense is just that, pure, unadulterated, camel dukie? And they have to cling onto it voraciously, in order to justify their deep seated prejudices.

Or, is it that they fear the wrath of the gods more than everyone else, and are futilely fighting to stave off their own damnation?

Or, maybe they are just far to mentally incompetent to recognize the disconnect? A fact that is used with great utility by the hucksters among them who seek nothing more than to raid their wallets.

Who knows? But, it does seem like an incredible waste of time that we .. we, a highly capable crew that could be devoting more of our time to efforts which could ultimately benefit all of humanity .. we, end up in a pointless, reactionary war with an irrational foe that seems hellbent on nothing short of eliminating us from the face of the earth. It's truly a shame.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Aug 7, 2009 2:01:09 PM

All the more reason to support our friends in Maine against these irrational bigots.

Posted by: ChrisNH | Aug 7, 2009 9:03:53 PM

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