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by Jeremy Hooper

Three fun, fast facts about the Illinois Family Institute:

  • After her Holocaust themed piece garnered far-reaching scrutiny, Laurie then went on to further offend by suggesting that activists were lying about her initial claims, and that pro-equality activists are "men without chests."

And now a fourth fact: Despite every reason for him to be wary of such a group, GOP superstar Mike Huckabee is actually helping this organization fund future Nazi comparisons:

*Source: IFI

So there ya have it. Mike Huckabee has aligned himself with a group who recently declared that "Romantic or sexual kissing between two people of the same biological sex is both obscene and inappropriate despite the voluble, vigorous, and often vitriolic protests of homosexuals to the contrary." It would seem that the onetime and likely future presidential hopeful doesn't find any problem with kissing his credibility goodbye.

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Your thoughts

That godly hag, Laurie Higgins, really should change the name of her institute to be more honestly reflective of her nature and mission. I suggest:

Institute for
Condemnation of

Posted by: Richard Rush | Aug 24, 2009 6:48:05 PM

I think it's great. Seriously. Let the big names of the GOP move farther and farther to the right. Let them believe that McCain lost because he wasn't conservative enough (and not because he had an extreme, right wingnut as a running mate).

Let them be as pro-war, anti-immigrant, pro-white, anti-gay and anti-non-Christian as they want to be. Americans are moving in the other direction as our friends, coworkers, neighbors and families are becoming increasingly diverse.

It is ironic that so many people in the GOP are anti-evolution and yet some sane voices in the party realize the party needs to change or die.

Posted by: stojef | Aug 24, 2009 7:40:11 PM

pHuchabee has always been pretty far to the right, his appearances on Colbert notwithstanding. He has to keep his (s)mug in front of the donors, so he has to do crap like this. The IFI minions are also his donors. And, I agree, stojef, but we need to keep track of just how often he aligns himself with these malicious (hate groups) political allies.

"Palin pHuckabee" has quite a ring to it!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Aug 24, 2009 8:19:32 PM

Dick: Yea, but what's truly surprising about this booking is that it was made when IFI was still on the SPLC list. Keep in mind that there are only 11 other anti-gay groups on the list: The furthest fringes of anti-gay activism. So it's a little shocking that his handlers would have made this booking, considering that little fact.

And even with them off the list: It's not like they are now absolved. Clearly they are still on that bubble, or they never would have gone over the "hate group" ledge in the first place.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Aug 24, 2009 8:45:49 PM

Dick - I agree completely that we need to keep an eye on these people. I just wish this alliances would make it into the MSM and not just on to the blogs.

Wouldn't it be great if during a debate, somebody said to Huckabee, "I see that you have attended a conference hosted by what was once considered a hate-group," or something like that?

The Democrats have to stop being so damn diplomatic and start calling these people out.

Posted by: stojef | Aug 24, 2009 9:51:50 PM

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