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Video: It's bad when Penn & Teller use less smoke & mirrors than WaPo

by Jeremy Hooper

Since Monica Hesse's complete and utter puff piece has put a heightened spotlight onto the National Organization For Marriage's Brian Brown, we thought we'd now take a look back at one of B.B's first forays onto the national media stage. In these clips from a 2006 episode of "Bullsh*t!," you can see Penn & Teller surround Brian's rights-depriving work with what it deserves (i.e. scrutiny from those he spends his days trying to hurt) rather than the sort of treatment that WaPo gave it (e.g. undeserved claims that Brian is "never accusatory or belittling"):

"Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t!" [Showtime]

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Your thoughts

I had never seen Brian Brown speak before, only read his words, and now seeing him, I must say that it's getting a bit ridiculous watching the anti-gay side argue when it's obvious that ALL the anti-gay men are gay, gay, gay, and most of the anti-gay women have gay children.

It's like...keep talking, people. Now that we are more visible than ever before, America's collective gaydar should start to go off more and more when they listen to the anti's blather on.

Posted by: Evan | Aug 30, 2009 9:15:30 PM

Yeah, Brown does ping off the charts.

To me it is incomprehensible that someone so educated can be such a bigot. It is then that I remember the true source of bigotry. It isn't education, it's religion.

For some reason some of us are highly educated and atheists. I wonder how that happens. Maybe it's because I knew religion was bovine effluvia way back when I was a young child. Never really got the faith gene.

Posted by: Tony P | Aug 31, 2009 11:44:26 AM

Once again, thanks for these clips Jeremy!

Posted by: John Ozed | Aug 31, 2009 11:50:30 AM

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