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Audio: Maggie & ME

by Jeremy Hooper

This morning while visiting Maine, Maggie Gallagher (or Srivastav) appeared on a local show called "The Ken and Mike Morning News Show." Things to listen listen up for:

  • Maggie once again using the Ocean Grove, NJ, thing, neglecting to mention the actual facts at hand (to quickly summarize: the church pavilion in question was receiving a special tax break under NJ's Green Acres tax-exemption, which requires compliance with state non-discrimination law in order to qualify. So what they "lost" was a special break on a public accommodation that they wanted to restrict to only the heterosexual public!)
  • Maggie asserting that gays "don't want to get married'
  • Maggie's mention of "two dudes," which (as the host suggests) absolutely sounds like strategy on NOM's part to undermine gay couples. We've seen them use the same "two dudes" line in some of their other literature.
  • Maggie trying to distance her fight from laws against interracial marriage by saying, "racism was bad -- marriage is good." When everyone who actually values accurate assessments knows that the analogous phrase for the modern-day fight would be "homophobia/heterosexism is bad -- marriage is good." After all, racism and homo-hostility/heterosexim are the two obstacles -- marriage is the constant!

Okay, enough of our chatter. On to Magster's:

*SOURCE: Ken and Mike Morning News [560 WGAN]

We just wish we'd known she was staying at the Brunswick Days Inn ahead of time. We would have sent her some replacement pillow-mints, as she'll certainly need several to cover up the loads of crap that just came out of her mouth!

**SEE ALSO: In his latest e-blast, Brian Brown talks about Maggie's appearance. And surprise, surprise -- Brian reduces the opposing view as being nothing more than the words of a liberal who "lives in a narrow social world" (even though the right-leaning host also admits that he doesn't see how marriage equality affects his life). Also, while he frames his whole narrative around Maggie's supposed ability to come back unfazed against anything brought her way, Brian's presentation of the interview is not even close to the way it actually played out. Read and compare:


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Your thoughts

Why are they working so damned hard to keep people from getting something that they don't want anyway, then?

I think of a Sufi proverb (that I learned from Margaret Atwood's novel "The Handmaid's Tale"): "In the desert, there is no sign saying, do not eat stones." In other words, people don't need to be restricted from things they don't want.

I'm guessing the "they don't even really want it anyway" nonsense is to make people who are waffly feel better. Except, of course, we do. We just aren't going to rush any more than heterosexuals do. Plus, all the special elections, legal maneuvering, etc. do wear on peoples' nerves.

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Sep 4, 2009 3:12:19 PM

So the Magpie says that the way that straight married couples are affected by marriage equality is... and I listened to this twice to make sure that I caught it correctly... straight married couples are affected by marriage equality BECAUSE they will be considered to be bigots if they are married to opposite sex partners. What a heaping, steaming load of shit!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 4, 2009 3:37:02 PM

I'm sorry but I can only listen to this woman for so long. I'm glad Ethan (the guest host for Ken) saw right through her tricks. I hope the rest of Maine sees through their tired old tricks as well. Their reasons against gay marriage are the same old stories.

Posted by: Sam | Sep 4, 2009 4:32:28 PM

If racism "was" bad, then why can't Maggie's organization consider non-Caucasian actors for its TV commercial?

It appears that the NOM people believe the good people of Maine will not be able to hear their wonderful message if it is voiced by a person of color.

Yeah, I get it that minorities and mixed-race folks comprise only 4-5% of Maine's population. Fine. And, I'm not in the entertainment industry, so maybe blatantly race-based casting calls are the norm.

But, Maggie insists that her foundation is fairness. She bristles at having her anti-gay bias likened to race-based biases. She does everything she can to project a sense of being calm, thoughtful, and principled, a Yale grad who collaborates with religious leaders on keeping kids safe.

If only white folks are eligible to represent Maggie's point of view to the people of Maine, I think she's got a problem.

Posted by: Bose | Sep 4, 2009 4:57:40 PM

BUT BUT BUT ...does this mean that their latest STORM Ad wont get made?
Here Bill in Portland has the script.


Posted by: LOrion | Sep 4, 2009 11:24:20 PM

Those blacks, they don't WANT integration. They don't REALLY want to do what us white people want to. After all, the coming together of white people is special, it keeps the ideal we have instituted and held to dear pure and our children secure.

I could have wrung her neck saying that gay people don't really want to get married! How does she DARE?!
And THEN later on she actually says that white people keeping blacks from marrying whites was a means to keep them oppressed.

And isn't that EXACTLY what keeping gay people from marrying is?! The way she spins this whole shebang is just stupendously vicious and defamatory.

Well, Maggie has worked it out somehow that marriage is good, good for individual happiness, health and wealth.
But somehow gay people can't appreciate the same benefits, nor would they actually have that same result.

How the fu*k does she talk out of both sides of her bloated face like that?

Could she finally be on the verge of exploding from the hot gas and crap she's excreting?

Posted by: Regan DuCasse | Sep 5, 2009 2:32:21 AM

Regan DuCasse wrote, "Maggie has worked it out somehow that marriage is good, good for individual happiness, health and wealth."

Yeah, and fighting marriage for us is good for HER wealth.

Posted by: Coxygru | Sep 7, 2009 8:58:15 AM

Stand For Marriage Maine
374 Route 1, Yarmouth, ME 04096
(207) 846-9052

Posted by: Bozo | Sep 8, 2009 3:40:16 PM

Being considered a bigot is part of living in a free society. All of us are bigoted in some way, and there's someone out there who would be happy to tell us so while jabbing a finger at us. So fucking what?

Justice has never been about what is "best for everyone" or keeping people comfortable. Justice is about fairness for INDIVIDUALS, with no regard for popular opinion or approval. Thus do statues of Justice show her as blindfolded, because she has no interest in appeasing the masses.

Posted by: Yeek | Sep 9, 2009 7:31:36 AM

Yea Yeek, we've spoken at length about Maggie's fears about being branded a bigot. She never raises the question of WHY those claims might come about:


Posted by: G-A-Y | Sep 9, 2009 8:10:52 AM

Let's all get licenses to carry guns and show up at these hate-fest events with loaded weapons. By the way, the Washington Post ombudsman had to apologize for a fluff piece last week about this hate-mongering asshole Brian Brown and his Stepford Wife.

Posted by: Karyy | Sep 9, 2009 11:23:11 AM

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