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Audio: These people don't want us to be happy. Period.

by Jeremy Hooper

Q. What is one of the Prop 8 proponents' big strategies for keeping the hurtful, discriminatory measure on the books?

A. Hoping that the 18,000 gay couples who did manage to get married during the state's open window will find themselves in divorce court, natch.

Brad-DacusThis is Brad "2008 California is like Nazi Germany " Dacus, from a recent appearance on the "WallBuilders Live" radio show:

*Audio Source: 9/9 Show [WallBuilders]

You can almost imagine them all sitting in a bunker office, staring at a big map of every single Golden State married couple, salivating at the prospect of knocking out another marriage. "Irreconcilable differences in San Diego -- SCORE! Ooh look, two couples who cheated with each others' spouses in San Francisco -- A TWOFER! Now if we can get someone famous like Ellen and Portia, we can really nail 'em! And hopefully some of these gays will have children, so that we can also turn turn their lives into pawns for our political games!! Praise the Lord."

Yuck. If we can't have it, they'll work day and night to see that we never do; if we can (or could) have it, they'll throw parties if and when our bonds break. If any of you heterosexuals wonder why gays sometimes get angry, then just close your eyes and imagine that there are human beings out there who are unabashedly hoping that your relationship fails (and doing so in the name of God). It's not a wonder that we get angry -- it's a wonder that we still manage to smile!!

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Your thoughts

How does this christian creep account for the hetero divorces - or doesn't that matter? Massachusetts just issued lowest divorce rates. It makes me puke that these people call themselves christians - christians are FULL of LOVE - they, in fact, are FILLED with HATE and, thus, the ones working for the devil.

Posted by: tom | Sep 16, 2009 5:01:23 PM

Is Dacus married? I can find nothing about his personal life anywhere. That would suggest that he is either extremely embarrassed about his personal life, or he isn't married. As much as they lie and deceive, none of them have much in the way of credibility, but those fundies do love to parade themselves about as the epitome of virtue. That is, of course, unless they aren't. In which case, they never want to discuss their divorces, or bastard children, or mistresses, or closeted homo lovers, or all of the above.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 16, 2009 5:27:15 PM

His logic is at least consistent in protecting straight, til-death marriage. First, ban the homosexuals from marrying, then ban divorce for straights, and finally, only offer marriage licences to couples who appear stable enough to make their til-death marriages work.

I wish I could link to the sponsor of the California divorce repeal, but I'm at work. Brad Dacus is playing right into his hands.

Posted by: DN | Sep 16, 2009 5:28:17 PM

Bigotry like this makes my stomach turn.

Does he not know that since same-sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts, the divorce rate has actually gone DOWN?

Posted by: asdfghjkl | Sep 16, 2009 6:49:57 PM

I have no problem with them looking at the actual data from the 18000 couples. No problem dealing with facts and evidence, as opposed to fear-mongering and lies.

I think they will be disappointed with the results. There has already been a comprehensive study of VT civil union couples - a decade worth of data - and it found no statistical difference in "divorce" rates b/t same and opposite sex couples. I don't know that I have seen a study from MA, but I certainly have not heard anything about an excessively high divorce rate after 5 years of SSM.

They occasionally will cite to a study from the Nordic countries and say something like "the gay divorce rate is 50% higher." But that is only because the straight divorce rate over the given period (of a few years) was a mere 2% and the gay rate was a mere 3%. I doubt that you can effectively argue that there shouldn't be gay marriage based on the divorce rate when 97% of them don't divorce.

Posted by: Steven | Sep 16, 2009 7:06:16 PM

Should also note that the existence of the 18000 couples will disprove their claims about "consequences" entirely. Today and for the next 3 years, there *is* gay marriage in CA. It does not matter that it is capped at 18K; the Prop 8 proponents' claims of societal collapse was never tied to the number of gay couples, but to the alteration of the definition of marriage. Although Yes on 8 won the election, they failed to prevent the definition from being changed.

In 2012, there will have been no gay sex indoctrination in schools, no closing of churches, no coerced pastors, etc. The definition will have been changed for 4 1/2 years, but life will be the same.

Schubert will have to come up with some new gimmick to convince the masses that there are "consequences" to repealing Prop 8. What that might be, I have no idea. But the need for some new argument to replace the old schools/religious freedom lies probably explains why the Wallbuilders are desperately hoping for a high divorce rate among the 18000.

Posted by: Steven | Sep 16, 2009 7:14:55 PM

We here in CA waited anxiously to find out if those thousands of couples would be INVOLUNTARILY divorced!
So how can he sit there and with such near gleeful expectation, bear such hopes that gay people will divorce ON THEIR OWN?!

I'm so SICK of people like him interfering with what little gains gay people have with nothing but spite.
Because from my chair, horrendous domestic violence, child neglect, over run foster care and welfare rolls are a testament to just how much Prop. 8 saves marriage and families.
What an exercise in millions spent on the complete opposite.

Posted by: Regan DuCasse | Sep 16, 2009 8:58:18 PM

alleged? how about actual!

With so many marriages being between couples that have been together for a decade or more, I don't see why they think these won't be as successful as marriage between two people of the opposite sex. I feel these marriages thrive just as much or even more so because their commitment will never be a half baked half thought.

The interesting thing to watch in 2012 are the lies the opposition will undoubtedly weave to hide that fact.

Posted by: Forky | Sep 17, 2009 5:57:59 AM

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