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Mike Heath and Stand For Marriage Maine: Bound in holy anti-gay matrimony

by Jeremy Hooper

Even though the "Yes on 1" campaign is working overtime to push Mike Heath into the closet, the connections between Heath and the official campaign continue to deepen. What now? Well consider the following.

On Sunday morning, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, in the run up to his evening appearance at the so-called "Stand For Marriage" rally, will make an appearance at Bangor Baptist Church in Bangor, ME. He just said so in his "Washington Update" column:

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So who is this Pastor Jerry Mick? Well for starters, he sits on the board and serves as the Council President of Mike Heath's Maine Family Policy Council (formerly Christian Civic League of Maine)! Pastor Mick is one of the group's most vocal proponents:

The Maine Family Policy Council's board President, Pastor Jerry Mick, stated, “The MFPC has stood and will continue to stand against gay rights. The institution of marriage is sacred and we are willing to join arms with all and any who will work toward preserving the institution of marriage.
Pro-Marriage Website [MFPC]


It's an indication of how both the Christian Civic League and Maine's evangelical community have changed in recent years that the current pastor of Bangor Baptist, Jerry Mick, now sits on the league's board. He unabashedly speaks of the need for his church, the league, and other believing Christians to become deeply involved in political issues.

"Our church historically has gotten involved in civic matters," Mick says. "We feel we have an obligation to have an impact on our culture in an evangelical way." He considers the Christian Civic League today to be "the conservative evangelical voice in Augusta."

Mick acknowledges that "some evangelicals take the position that they've been called to share the gospel and leave politics alone. My feeling is that they're intertwined, and the vast majority of our church's members feel the same way"

Who's Afraid of Michael Heath? [Down East]

The connection could not get much stronger. So even though Tony Perkins and crew may have deliberately pushed Mike Heath off of the bill, and even though they are refusing to acknowledge him (or his "gays cause bad weather, financial crises, and graffiti" views) in even the slightest of ways, the truth is that the bond is unbreakable. Mr. Heath's fingerprints, friends, co-workers, and views are all over this so called "people's veto." It's time for the official "Yes on 1" campaign acknowledge the incendiary fuel lying (and we do mean lying) behind the more mainstream front. Mainers deserve to know the truth!

*RELATED: We're not the only ones who see this, by the way. Just today we had an off-record chat with a prominent figure from the other side who absolutely sees what the official campaign is doing to Mr. Heath, and this person referred to it as "disingenuous."

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