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Proximity to closet = propensity to support its former inhabitants?

by Jeremy Hooper

Our opposition may have their vast network of churches to tap into for cash, votes, and wine and wafer-based sustenance. But don't fret, my little ragtag bunch of rights-requesting roustabouts. For we have another crew that's gonna put us in the victory column: Spouses whose honeymoons were perhaps not as orgasmic as they could've been

Go check out this fascinating read about a largely overlooked set of potential allies:

Wah Cheong, a lifelong Republican and the soon-to-be divorced father of two teenage boys, sometimes surprises his co-workers and neighbors in a relatively conservative community outside San Francisco when he says he supports same-sex marriage.

"Here is my situation," the 47-year-old chemical engineer tells them when the hot-button topic comes up. "If gays and lesbians were more accepted, I wouldn't have married a closeted lesbian."

Silence usually follows. Then, a spark of understanding.

Of all the constituency groups that advocate allowing gay couples to wed, none is perhaps more counterintuitive than the heterosexual spouses of gay men and lesbians.
KEEP READING: Straight Spouses Advocate Same-Sex Marriage [ABC News]

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Your thoughts

Carol Boltz, the former wife of contemporary Christian singer Ray Boltz, says much the same thing.

Posted by: Jarred | Sep 14, 2009 10:29:27 AM

"If gays and lesbians were more accepted, I wouldn't have married a closeted lesbian."

This line of reasoning should be discussed much more often. I personally know a number of gay men who were once closeted and married, but are now divorced and openly gay. And I know some who are still closeted and married, and having homosex on the side.

Can anyone seriously believe it benefits society to force gay men into fake straight marriages in order to receive social acceptance? I would like to ask all anti-gay people one question: Would you want your daughter to marry a man pretending to be straight? If the answer is "no," then the only solution is the full social acceptance of gays.

Posted by: Richard Rush | Sep 14, 2009 11:45:06 AM

One of my mother's closest friends was married to a gay for decades until he divorced her unexpectedly. He didn't tell her why until he was diagnosed with AIDS years later. At least one of their kids was really screwed up by the whole situation. When she found out that I'm gay she said, "at least he won't do to anyone what my first husband did."

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Sep 14, 2009 3:43:08 PM

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