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Shame-sex disparage

by Jeremy Hooper

Shame: The background music for many gay discos:

Shame: The background of gayness in general? So says professional "ex-gay" advocate and credible science-shunner Joe Nicolosi:

You can call it "shame" all you want, Dr. N. This writer will continue to call it "a complete and utter lack of attraction for any female I've ever seen, ever, yet easy, natural attraction to males for the same period of time." Go ahead an say that's just me "acting out." While you're dispensing these shunned theories that are convenient to you, I'll continue to act like a decent, respectful, fact-loving, OUT human being. And my husband and I will "act out" as often (and enjoyably) as we possibly can!

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Your thoughts

I thought this guy was an ancient fundie. Damn it, he's not that old. Can he just die already?

Posted by: Tony P | Sep 10, 2009 6:03:30 PM

Even that term "acting out" rankles me. Like we LGBTs are just naughty, rebellious children, and the ex-gay promotors are the wise parents who know what's best for us even without knowing, well, us.

There's absolutely no shame in my game. The only one who should be ashamed is Nicolosi, because he exploits fear and insecurity for a profit.

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Sep 10, 2009 6:15:20 PM

Gay discos? anyone in a disco should be ashamed of themselves.

Posted by: penguinsaur | Sep 10, 2009 6:34:32 PM

Is this moron still practicing? You would think that by now he would have been stripped of any license that he might have had to practice. His last published "research" appears to be another reiteration of that Yarhouse study, which looks like it started with 882 participants... and ended up with 98 remaining. I haven't read the study, but the numbers are remarkably close to those from Yarhouse.

This is the summary:

Presented is a summary of 882 homosexual people's responses to 5 open-ended questions about sexual reorientation therapy. Of the 882 participants, 726 reported that they had received reorientation therapy from a professional therapist or a pastoral counselor. As a group, 779 (89.7%) of the participants viewed themselves as "more homosexual than heterosexual," "almost exclusively homosexual," or "exclusively homosexual" in their orientation before receiving reorientation therapy or making self-help efforts to change. The majority reported they believed sexual reorientation therapy and various forms of self-help were helpful to them, psychologically, spiritually, and sexually.

So, they started out with 882, of them 779 said that they were at least mostly homosexual. (882 - 779 = 103) which means that 103 of them were mostly heterosexual. They ended up with only 98 who remained in the study at the end, and of those 98, only 12 (or 13??) claimed that they had "changed" their "mostly heterosexual" orientation to heterosexual. And, another 30 or 35 were celibate (probably were celibate all along, which is probably why they were so unhappily bisexual). They take the celibate number and add the "changed" number to come up with their 50% (of 98 participants) lie.

So, they ignore the massive dropout rate (784 out of 882, or 89% dropout rate), and claim (with bald face) that 50% of the participants experienced "helpful" benefits from "reorientation" therapy. By my count, 12 out of 726 works out to 1.65% (all of whom were mostly heterosexual bisexuals in the beginning, and then "became" heterosexual - what a crock!). But the liars aren't happy with the truth, so they ignore it, and spout a lie that "proves" their point.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 10, 2009 6:37:42 PM

Everything the guy said sounded to me like complete rubbish.
The song's catchy as I remember it (I just realized I was starting high school the year it came out-and Jeremy wasn't even born yet!) Whatever happened to Evelyn King?

Posted by: Bill S | Sep 10, 2009 7:44:40 PM

Penguinsaur: just to clarify, I wasn't saying discos are shameful. "shame" is the name of that first song. Not sure it was so clear.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Sep 10, 2009 7:50:19 PM

I was saying Discos are shameful. VERY SHAMEFUL.

Posted by: penguinsaur | Sep 10, 2009 9:50:23 PM

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