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Stand For [Nails in Sodomites' Coffins], Maine?

by Jeremy Hooper

What sort of motivation is really fueling Maine's "yes on 1" campaign? Well consider this exchange, this is currently taking place on Stand For Marriage Maine's official Facebook wall:

Screen Shot 2009-09-29 At 3.45.15 Pm-1
Stand For Marriage Maine [Facebook]

Nails in coffins? Our lives as "agendas"? The idea that this matter of civil equality is a partisan one? The offense, both in terms of the word and the punctuation, in the usage of "sodomite's"?

Geez, Stand For Marriage Maine: We thought this was all about "protecting kids," not hurting gay people. Weird that your ardent followers failed to get that memo!


**UPDATE: Don't even try to post some reasoned pushback to the Facebook wall. We've received numerous reports from people who have had their firm but fair comments pulled immediately upon posting. And as for this writer: Well, I've been banned from commenting all together!

Way to stay open-minded, SFMM!

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Your thoughts

I can't look at the group any more. There are too many hateful people on that page, most of them are from outside of Maine. They have nothing better to do but roll back rights of people who are different from them and make them lesser of a human being unless we start believing in their invisible man in the sky. Thanks for the heads up though.

Posted by: Sam | Sep 29, 2009 4:49:07 PM

This Matthew Kervin guy used to be quite civil on that board. He agreed to send me a private e-mail to discuss the issue in general, but has yet to do so. Was over at least two weeks ago (hard to track as nearly all my posts get deleted). Stay classy, SFMM.

And by the way, check out Sandy Lee - I get a total Ginger Linda Carter vibe from that profile pic. If she weren't so rabidly (and, well, stupidly) anti-gay, her larger-than life red hair would make her eligible for a Geri Halliwell gay following.

Posted by: DN | Sep 29, 2009 4:56:08 PM

Oh another thing I noticed - SFMM has ~1,500 fans, many of which are there to post opposition to them. But if you go to the No on 1 Facebook page, there are 4x as many fans, and little opposition.

Even the guy fronting the motion to ban divorce in California has over 4,000 fans.

Posted by: DN | Sep 29, 2009 4:58:00 PM

I am a HUGE Sandy Lee fan! As long as people like her are the face of the anti-gay movement I know we have a chance.

For those of you who don't know her, Sandy is a frequent poster on the SFMM's FB page. She is a keen legal mind and oh that flamin' "Red Sonja" hair!

Here are some of my favorite Sandy quotes:

Sandy on Hitler: "Do we have any accounts as to what he did with known homosexuals? Did he eliminate them or save them? Just wondering if there was any preferential treatment going on?"

Sandy on civics: "So while you preach to me what the Constitution states, you should also make equal time to learn how the law works."

Sandy on freedom: "To Philip and anyone else who has posted in opposition to me in this discussion thread - while you might think you are right, I think you're wrong. I live in the U.S.A. just like you. We ALL have to follow the law. If it is up to me or anyone else to "allow" freedoms, then the law will be followed to grant those freedoms that are not yet free if the voters decide to do so."

I love you Sandy!

Posted by: WilliamM | Sep 29, 2009 6:35:18 PM

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