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Teens as victims of peer pressure (once removed)

by Jeremy Hooper

Nothing makes us sadder than seeing impressionable parents of gay kids being told to embrace anti-scientific misinformation, as many of us in the LGBT world know firsthand that this is likely to set the family on a path of needless strife. Unfortunately on Focus on the Family's forums, stepping in and indoctrinating these parents before they have a chance to discover PFLAG is the order of the homo-hostile day:

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Advice needed [FOF Online Forums]

Hopefully Nick will be available as a stand-in for all the queer kids who will someday be shunned from their family's Thanksgiving dinners.

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Your thoughts

"May God reveal to your son the truth of who He created him to be and help him to know that there is an incredible plan for his life."

Wow ... talk about your daily dose of irony. I plan to pray this exact same prayer for this boy, and yet I fully anticipate that what will happen is the exact opposite of what Mr. Nick wants and expects will happen.

You make a great watchdog, Jeremy. Keep it up!

Posted by: Chris Cool | Sep 16, 2009 2:47:01 PM

Ruff, ruff

Posted by: G-A-Y | Sep 16, 2009 2:49:10 PM

Problem: "... our son sees us as religious fanatics..."

Solution: quote Scripture at him and try to put him in a religious homo no mo' camp. Yeah, that should make him change his perspective about you.

Posted by: Timothy Kincaid | Sep 16, 2009 3:41:45 PM

Well, if he's already figured out that his parents are religious fanatics at 14, he's probably in pretty good shape, and STRONG, for coming out at that age in that environment.

Posted by: Break the Terror (Evan) | Sep 16, 2009 3:51:42 PM

My webfu has turned up a possible email address for the parent. Thoughts on intervention?

Posted by: Matt Algren | Sep 16, 2009 4:22:48 PM

Thanks for the belly laugh, Timothy Kincaid! :)

Posted by: DN | Sep 16, 2009 5:29:46 PM

I went to the website for this question, and what I discovered was rather suspicious. When I followed the link for the "parent's" profile, it was completely blank. It did, however, show that the account was created on Aug. 29 (same day the question was posted), and that the account was last logged in on the same day, Aug. 29. These concerned parents asked for help, but have never taken the time to check and see if any help was offered??

Also, for shi*s and giggles, I went to NickFOTF's profile. Nick showed TWO post listings for this particular discussion (it has since moved off his profile page, but all the others are the same) - one post tagged as "created" and one as "replied".

I think ol' Nick is posting fake questions just so he can push FOTF propaganda and sell FOTF merchandise.

Posted by: Jack | Sep 16, 2009 5:39:09 PM

The guy's e-mail is [email protected]

Posted by: Dan | Sep 16, 2009 11:12:10 PM

You're right, that does smell rather fishy Jack. But I wouldn't put it past FOTF. They seem to ambivalent attitude towards lying, for all that the one of the ten commandments is so keen on keeping people from bearing false witness. But god forbid you be gay. That is simply unacceptable!

As for the book Nick tries to peddle, A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality. My parents had one of those too. I'd love for him to know that it's totally ineffective. :)

Posted by: fakeplants | Sep 16, 2009 11:56:38 PM

The lying liars are at it again. What is so reprehensible is that they are the cause of so much teenage psychiatric problems and suicide. What reasonable person would go to a voodoo priest for advice on their life? I don't understand the people in the USA. We have so much to take advantage of and so many people just squander their lives and the lives of their children. It took me until I was 20 years old to tell my folks to shove that b.s. and get some psychiatric help.

Posted by: Mykelb | Sep 17, 2009 2:46:13 AM

Jack, I hope to all the Gods this is fake!!!!

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Sep 17, 2009 2:40:30 PM

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