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Video: Because waving 'Hi mom!' would be too legitimately pro-family

by Jeremy Hooper

If you've ever been to political events, ranging from presidential press conferences to city council rallies, you know that sometimes the credentialed media shows up to file a report from a spot that is within mere feet of the audience (and possibly even your seat). It's not because they're being malicious or because they're trying to make you think you have voices inside your head, but rather because that's where the reporter has been told to stand by the event's organizers, producers, press agents, etc, in order to get the best shot of the goings-on. Because, you know: Coverage is sort of what they do.

But don't tell that to more than a few of this weekend's Values Voters Summit attendees. It seems that some of these social conservatives are so suspicious and distrusting of the "liberal media" and their "America-hating" cameras, that they will just walk right into the live shot and shut it down. Even if it's Fox News:

Not the best P.R. for a political movement that already seems all-too-filled with unfettered rage.

It's just a good thing that Rachel didn't file this report live from the site:

We;d hate to see her tied up by her mic cord and forced at cross point to hang out at the PFOX booth.

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Your thoughts

I think Prejean deserves credit for speaking her mind while answering Hilton's question. But that is it. From what I've read on (hopefully unbiased) news websites, she lost her crown because she consistently failed to honor her Miss California contract.

Oh, and memo to Values Voters: You can be pro-"opposite marriage" while supporting same-sex marriage.

Posted by: KZ | Sep 21, 2009 8:02:20 PM

"Values Voters" is an oxymoron. These people do not believe in our Republic or its ideals, they are anti-American theocrats who are actively promoting hate and intolerance through giving money to PACs and far right theocratic candidates and pols in office. They have already gotten 30 states to amend their State Constitutions against us and will not stop until they bring down the American Constitution and install the Bible as the reigning law of the land. We need to take these people down beginning in our school boards, city boards, state representatives, and in Congress. Our fight for equality demands it.

Posted by: Mykelb | Sep 21, 2009 8:31:20 PM

Deserves credit for speaking her (stupid, ignorant) mind?! Please. She's verbally challenged (it's embarrassing to listen to her talk!), calls the STATE of California her "country", etc.... incredible. She could have said she believes in traditional marriage and and non traditional unions for gays. You can be both pro straight marriage and pro gay, y'know! And now she's a martyr for the right wing- jesus- is- the- president movement! Not to mention how she failed to honour her contractual appearances, supposedly was difficult to work with,etc. Please, she's anything but a christian martyr..oh, yeah, and her sensual posing for jesus pictures of the past....oh yeah, god is proud of his daughter, yep...

Posted by: nikkon | Sep 22, 2009 12:07:46 AM

Carrie prejean is seriously the most annoying person I've witnessed in the news in recent months, replacing Miley Cyrus for me. Watching her speak is so GD awkward. The faces she makes, and the overcertainty she exudeds in everything she's saying, even if it's not grammatically correct or factually correct, is frightening.

And when I was a 22 year old college student (2 years ago), I was very involved in politics. I was a journalism major. She acts as though kids our age don't have interest in the world around them until they make a stupid, non-factual comment like she did at the MUSA competition, and people take notice. Well Carrie, maybe if you didn't spend your entire college career doing keg stands, memorizing sorority (she was def. a tridelt, you know it) songs, and making out with the QB on your football team, maybe you would have taken a class or two in LGBT studies to figure out that no, gay people can NOT choose to marry if they want in America, unless the live in one of four states.

She is hideous. I only hope I run into her someday.

Brunettes are way better than blondes. She is a primse example :)

Posted by: Stef | Sep 22, 2009 12:12:49 AM

Unemployment and underemploiyment is at an all time high. Families are losing their homes, families can't afford medical insurance, parents can't afford clothes and food for their families. Wouldn't their efforts be better directed to help raise awareness and funds for families trying to keep their heads above water?

Posted by: Tom | Sep 22, 2009 9:10:51 AM

Slightly more specifically, am I the only one who thinks that "Why Should God Bless America" sounds a whole lot like a song that might have actually been written by the WBC, but sung with better harmony?

Posted by: Junior | Sep 22, 2009 10:51:31 AM

I resent being put into ANY category with this child. She makes all us blondes look horrid!

I personally "loved" when she talked about the "crown" God has waiting for her in heaven. Jeez louise look at the ego on her! what do they say? "Pride goeth before the fall" or something like that.

Stef, loved your post other than that, and I hope you took my statement to you as the lighthearted joke it was meant as. btw, just realized you and I are the same age.

Posted by: Piper | Sep 22, 2009 4:10:20 PM

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