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Video: Official campaign literature in the pews. How is this okay?

by Jeremy Hooper

We know another "special collection." It's called taxation. If these houses of worship are so enamored with using their tax-exempt influence and resources to rob the civil rights of tax-paying gays, then perhaps this great nation may want to reexamine how it handles the civil tolls for those who so proudly take their toll on gays civil lives and loves!!

Maine Catholics Raise Money at Mass to Ban Same Sex Marriage [YT]

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Your thoughts

Well, they are getting the message that most people think tax exempt organizations should not pour money into politics because more and more we're seeing them try to redefine their political involvement as involvement in moral issues.

But no matter how you define it, if you are funding any movement that is attempting to influence the political process in any way, it's political. And so, just like everyone else, they should be paying taxes.

One can only imagine the increase in tax revenues if the catholic church had to pay taxes. Maybe we could put some of that money into real education.

Posted by: Julie M. | Sep 14, 2009 11:20:04 AM

Well, it's the Catholic church. You can almost understand their overarching on any anti-gay issue. They did get caught in a massive conspiracy to cover up the fact that a large number of their priests got caught with their dicks in little kids. I get it.. they have to attempt to lay the blame for their own indiscretions onto someone (anyone) else, and we are a very easy (convenient) target. I, for one, am never going to forget the role in the Catholic church in attempting to sweep under the carpet the fact that their priests molesting children. And I keep reminding those around me, so that they don't forget it either. So, on that score, I can understand why they further hate us so much.

But, every time that they do something stupid like this (shaking down the flockers to divert attention away from their own indiscretions), I, for one, am going to use that as an opportunity to point out their underlying motivation for actively and aggressively hating on us.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 14, 2009 2:35:01 PM

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