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Audio: Fishin' for an unprincipled catch

by Jeremy Hooper

We gay activists don't pop up at certain predetermined times to decidedly demand this or that or this. We exist at ALL times with the solid, unapologetic goals of equality under the civil law, protection from demonstrated harm, and decent treatment of the LGBT community, as well as their friends, families and allies. We have always been here, and we are never going away.

Now go listen to Scott Fish, an employee of Stand For Marriage Maine, fail to understand this reality as he works to pick apart the hows and whys of Maine's pro-gay progress rather than the hows and whys of his own movement's attempt to use personal faith views to stifle CIVIL fairness. And then, if you care for some interesting insight, you can stick around for the full hour:

Voice of the Nation--Standing for Marriage in Maine! [BlogTalkRadio]

Some interesting/enraging points:

-17:00 mark, when the co-host repeatedly uses the word "normal" to describe those who oppose us (with the obvious intimation that we are the abnormal ones).

- 21:00, when a co-host talks about how she used her kids' words (on sticky notes) to convince adult voters to rollback equality

-26:15, when Mr. Fish completely balls out a local radio co-host, Mike Violette, when he (a) reveals a private conversation that the two of them had, and then (b) intimates that Mr. Violette could only support the marriage equality bill if he hadn't actually read the text.

-30:30, when Mr. Fish refers to the marriage equality bill as "dumb and radical"

-32:00, when Mr. Fish rejects the idea that his side is trying to repeal same-sex marriage, because the law has not taken effect. This of course overlooks the fact that the bill has passed and been signed, and the only reason it isn't in effect is because of the "yes on 1" campaign!

-41:00 (and many points after), when one of the co-host cites a book called What's The Harm? to support her opposition. She doesn't tell you that the book was edited by a Mormon, "traditional marriage" supporter, and features mostly anti-equality activists.

-44:30, when the three scoff at the idea that equality and respect for all families is any kid of evolution.

-45:45, when Mr. Fish denies homosexuality in nature

-50:26, when Mr. Fish's attempt to repudiate the "No" side's usage of out-of-state help, overlooking the massive amount of out-of-state help that his side is receiving. Particularly from California.

-53:02, when Scott says he knows Tim Russell very well. Which just further demonstrates SFMM's connections to the uber-extreme Maine Family Policy Council/Christian Civic League of Maine (Russell has served the League in various leadership roles, and been feted at their banquets).

-55:00, when Scott talks about a situation involving a transgender kid and bathrooms, as if that has anything to do with marriage.

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Your thoughts

"-55:00, when Scott talks about a situation involving a transgender kid and bathrooms, as if that has anything to do with marriage. :

Their opposition to marriage has nothing to do with marriage, they just think gay people are ****ing gross, thats the only reason anyone opposes gay marriage. And the people who think gays are gross almost always hate transpeople just as much, so they make sure to mention us as much as possible.

Posted by: penguinsaur | Oct 2, 2009 11:27:57 AM

Oh, Angela, you Beetle Blogger you.


I'm curious as to how G-A-Y stumbled upon this crew.

I'm sure you already knew, but United Families Int'l and Angela and DNA are all 100% Mormon outfits.

Posted by: LdChino | Oct 2, 2009 3:35:40 PM

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