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Audio: The truth laid LaBarbera

by Jeremy Hooper

Social conservatives like the folks at Stand For Marriage Maine can use all the verbosity they want to explain why gay rights is "threatening" to America's school kids. Peter LaBarbera has just admitted what we've always known: That the real problem is that they simply don't like us, our spouses, and the child "that we adopted from China somehow":

*Source: Obama to Address Nation's Largest Homosexual Activist Group [CWA]

It's not about marriage equality being stitched into the civil law. It's about gay people being stitched into the fabric of societal normalcy! Most of Labarberathese modern social conservatives aren't fighting to "win" whatever current fight is on the table: They are fighting to roll back the clock to a time when closets were thick and padded, bully clubs were thick and non-padded, and our love still operated under that whole "don't speak your name" dare. Cruelly and arrogantly, they fight for a world where lesbian teachers are just "spinsters" who haven't found the right man, and gay male teachers are, well, unemployed. And worse yet: They are doing it all in the name of religion.

Peter, having seemingly left his religious right-issued "nice mask" at home before doing this interview, is helping to blow the lid off the "pro-family" movement's truth. We and our "child that we [may someday] adopt from China" thank him for that.

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Your thoughts

Wow. That is the best clip ever. We will never be equal to straight people BECAUSE OF OUR NATURE, because we are inherently immoral. This is the real truth from their side and it's SO NICE to finally hear someone just say it: you're not equal - because you're just not. PLUS apparently people who ADOPT don't have "normal families". I hope that this clip follows him forever.

Posted by: ZnSD | Oct 8, 2009 3:09:38 PM

Good Lord! As a child, I never knew if my teachers had children. There were no personal photographs in the classroom. You straight people need to stop inflicting your personal lives and lifestyles on all children.

Posted by: Gus | Oct 8, 2009 3:29:19 PM

Peter LaBarbera is another right-winger who hates Ronald Reagan. Even he opposed banning gays from teaching California's impressionable youth.

Posted by: DN | Oct 8, 2009 3:50:53 PM

So wait, are single folks who aren't parents not allowed to teach? Men and women who don't have an interest in getting married, should they not be allowed to teach, because then they might influence LaBarbara's kids (is he married? does he even have kids?) to not get married? Only married people with kids and seemingly happy lives are allowed to teach?

PS, can somone tell Petey his colmover blows and he either needs to tupe that shit or just shave it? It's really distracting me from all his hate rhetoric and homophobic antics.

Posted by: Stef | Oct 8, 2009 4:20:29 PM

So hang on - LaBarbera believes that lesbian teachers are somehow incapable of teaching children that heterosexual marriage exists? What if the teacher is single? Or doesn't want kids? Or CAN'T have kids?

Boy, is he going to be surprised and annoyed when Mrs Smith (happily married to Mr Smith for thirteen years with three children) teaches her class about the history of human rights!

And if Peter wants his children to have good heterosexual role models, why can't he and his wife fill the void?

(Oh. Actually, scratch that. LaBarbera is not really someone who can be considered a good role model by anyone.)

One of the most depressing things about anti-gay rhetoric is that it pretty much boils down to one word - 'Ick!' All the arguments, all the slanders, all the temper tantrums - they just can't stand the thought of Thomas and Dominic sleeping the same bed. It's sad in every sense of the word.

Posted by: Baron Scarpia | Oct 8, 2009 4:24:30 PM

'Hate' is such a strong word, and I'm reluctant to use it on those who oppose gay rights. But this man DOES hate us. He's a bigot and a few other choice words that I will not post due to the comments policy.

LaBabs is concerned about children being exposed to a homosexual teacher? I'm concerned about LGBT youth being exposed to LaBarbera's hateful crap. I pray they'll be smart enough to see it for what it is.

Posted by: KZ | Oct 8, 2009 5:03:32 PM

I hope our side gives wide distribution to this video - with proper editing, of course to expose the true motivation of the NoM and anti-equality sides.

Posted by: SharonB | Oct 8, 2009 5:37:35 PM

So is Peter afraid that exposure to a gay teacher may make his kids gay? Or is he just afraid that his kids may not grow up to be bigots like him? Or both?

I'm 65 now. My formative years were in a totally hetero environment. There was never talk about homos, I never read about homos, I was never molested or propositioned, and I didn't have sex until my mid-twenties. But I knew at age 13 that I was attracted totally to boys, and not at all to girls. I never even had a single person to talk with about it until I was nearly finished with six years at college. I'm probably fortunate that I didn't have anyone to talk to in my formative years, because they probably would have made me feel much worse.

Although the competition is fierce, Peter LaBarbera could surely be elected president of the American Asshole Association.

Posted by: Richard Rush | Oct 8, 2009 6:41:06 PM

What I find most interesting in all these articles written by the "family values" folks on the right is that they all keep saying Obama will lose the middle, or alienate most Americans if he helps the LGBT community.

Isn't that what these groups want? Don't they WANT Obama to lose ground? Wouldn't that mean he and all the Democrats would get booted out of office in the next few elections?

Seems to me they should be ENCOURAGING Obama to get out there and push for LGBT rights. I mean, if the votes aren't there in Congress, wouldn't Obama be spending political capital on a losing cause?

Clutch the pearls! Could these groups really just be frightened that the scary, communist, black Muslim from Kenya is doing what the majority of Americans voted for him to do last November?

Posted by: stojef2005 | Oct 8, 2009 7:09:17 PM

What about the divorced (and god forbid, remarried) teachers? One of the instructors who was most influential in my life, and is one of my all time favorites, was in Jr. High. She was a brilliant, eruditely articulate woman with a wonderfully dry sense of humor. She also played the full score of "The Music Man" for us one week, and that by itself is enough to love her. She had divorced her husband, and then about a year later married the band director at the same school. The band director was also divorced, and both of them were highly regarded educators. Very few of my instructors had the impact on my life that she did, and I am truly lucky to have been her student.

So. when should the stupidity of hatemongers ever trump the qualifications, dedication and verve of brilliant, incredibly inspiring educators. I think NEVER!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Oct 8, 2009 9:47:12 PM

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