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Delete, delete, delete: Stand For Marriage Maine's continued war on dissension

by Jeremy Hooper

This is how a certain thread on Stand For Marriage Maine's Facebook page looked just ten minutes ago:

Screen Shot 2009-10-05 At 5.30.02 Pm-1

Mostly against us, but there is some principled and accurate (but perfectly fair and congenial) pushback from Matt Algren and Geoffrey Beaumont about representative democracy.

So how does this exact same thread now look? Well....

Screen Shot 2009-10-05 At 5.35.26 Pm-2

Bye, Matt! Bye Geoffrey! Your version of discourse is not welcome within the narrow confines of Stand For Marriage Maine's monologue.

So not only do Maine's anti-equality forces want the people to weigh in rather than the legislature -- they actually want to confine said weighing-in to only those people who are in 100% agreement with their agenda. That is exactly what America is supposed to be all about, right? ::eye roll, head shake::

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Your thoughts

I was JUST going to throw a couple screencaps up. Damn, you're fast.

Posted by: Matt Algren | Oct 5, 2009 6:30:30 PM

How stupid are they? The last comment follows nothing that was written prior to it.


Posted by: Dale | Oct 5, 2009 6:31:02 PM

Please continue to press Facebook to enforce their terms of agreement.

I've also have been sending gems like these to glaad.org. They've broaden their net and are looking into homophobia in the virtual world.

Posted by: Dale S | Oct 5, 2009 6:40:41 PM

Happened to me all the time. I gave up.

It's funny how they're all about the "voice of the people" and then they censor anything and everyone that doesn't agree with them.

Hypocrisy, know thy name.

Posted by: Unite the Fight | Oct 5, 2009 7:14:11 PM

SFMM's portfolio of supporters seems to have increased, but for a long time it seemed like it was populated by members of one family and their close associates, which suggests one fundamentalist church got their members to sign up and keep the 'mos down.

But I love how they're upset that a narrow majority of justices impose their political will on the people. Then it's a unanimity of justices. Then it's a legislature. Then another legislature. And throughout all of this, they claim that democracy is being subverted.

No, Stand For Marriage Maine, democracy is not being subverted. The only thing you're standing for is the rights of Christians to tell other people how to live their lives. I've posted this on their site a couple times, with predictable results.

I've even gone so far as to post, "if you're going to delete everything I write, why haven't you banned me from posting?"

Posted by: DN | Oct 5, 2009 7:29:43 PM

Oh and also, in the vein of Maggie Srivastav, have you noticed how many women post on SFMM's site with compound last names?

In a traditional marriage the subservient wife (*cough* property *cough*) takes on the man's last name. There is absolutely no room for argument, and if anyone wanders even a sylable from my catechism, I'll start deleting their posts!

Posted by: DN | Oct 5, 2009 7:58:57 PM

"It's the people's job to decide and the legislature's job to reflect that decision"

So WTF is the legislature for if the people decide everything? Are they just supposed to be high-paid mirrors for the "people"? I was taught in school that the legislature makes the laws. I guess I was taught wrong.

Posted by: Buffy | Oct 5, 2009 8:07:59 PM

DN, that's pretty standard on facebook. Most women do it so people can find them under their maiden names.

(Can you believe they call it 'maiden' names?)

Posted by: Matt Algren | Oct 5, 2009 8:20:46 PM

UMaine, in Orono, was going to have a debate on Question 1 and the Yes on 1 folks bailed on them. Evidently they didn't want to try to make their case when they had an opponent there.

Posted by: mid-maine | Oct 5, 2009 9:03:34 PM

Many of the Yes on 1 commenters at SFMM's Facebook page are part of the Digital Network Army ... a Mormon astroturfing crew that is described here: http://www.whatisprop8.com/dna.html

If you go to the NOM blog, you'll see the same bunch of folks. They're led by a gal named Angela Rockwood (Beetle Blogger) who has a history of editing visitor comments to suit her agenda at her own site, e.g.:


Posted by: LdChino | Oct 5, 2009 10:41:14 PM

Well, right away, I can tell you that most American civics classes misinform their students in High School. The US is NOT a Democracy with democratic principles; instead, the US is an OLIGARCHY!!!

It's also a shame that so many Americans that tout that they are the "real" Americans have instilled this skewed view re: democracy that they believe entitles them as white heterosexuals to be able to stir up the public and vote on the civil liberties of a minority and keep them as second class citizens! In fact, not only are discriminatory laws BLATANTLY unconstitutional, but many of our Founding Fathers expressed the position that no one should EVER allow the liberties of a minority to be put up to a popular vote!!! Why haven't THEY heard this?

Hell, these "defend marriage" folks seem never to have heard that without a paid-for marriage license, their religious ritual of marriage is NOT recognized as valid by the state or fed. government!

Posted by: Wade MacMorrighan | Oct 5, 2009 11:31:50 PM

Hey gays of America, your relationships are nothing more than a "hookup."


Posted by: DN | Oct 6, 2009 8:43:52 AM

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