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FRC's single-minded obsession is what should really go!

by Jeremy Hooper

This is how the Family Research Council's website looks as of 8:52AM (highlighting ours):


Ya know, because replacing their whole site with a big pic of Kevin with a scarlet "GAY" written on his face would've been too subtle. [::excruciatingly drawn out eye roll::]

Humorously/enragingly, FRC says in their related text:

Anyone who says the religious right is the only group taking aim at safe schools "czar" Kevin Jennings could not be more wrong. We can point to 53 reasons why. That's the current number of signatures on a letter to President Obama calling for Jennings's removal from the Department of Education.

What, because Bachmann, Foxx, Pence, and all the rest of the House Republicans who signed on to the letter are just so thoroughly centrist? Uhm, no. The 53 signers might not be professional religious right figures like Tony Perkins and the rest of the FRC contingent, but they are certainly on the same Christmas card lists. And their attacks on this good, decent, and accomplished man are born out of partisan politics, homo-hostility, and the continued belief that elephants need to feast on LGBT rights and protections in order to sustain themselves. It's gross.


**Our complete Kevin Jennings archive

*To put this in perspective: All but five of the 53 Republicans who signed on to this letter recently voted against the hate crimes legislation. Of those five (Austria, Hunter, Luetkemeyer, McKeon, Rooney), only Rooney and Austria have shown any sort of restraint in terms of their gay rights support (or lack thereof). The other three have plenty of mission statements, press releases, etc. which say things like "protect traditional marriage."

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Your thoughts

Posted by: Odell | Oct 16, 2009 9:21:48 AM

What can I say about Mike Pence? He's refused to accept any earmark money for his economically depressed district. He's a culture wars crusader who is using his time as a representative as a stepping-stone to higher office. Mike Pence is all about Mike Pence, his constituents be damned.

Posted by: Brad | Oct 16, 2009 9:40:17 AM

No surprise to see Zach Wamp on the list. He represents a large portion of East Tennessee where I used to live. When in DC Rep Wamp lives with several other congressmen in a townhouse subsidized by the "Fellowship" a highly secretive Christian fundamentalist organization. His roomies include Sen John Ensign and Rep Chip Pickering, both of whom are alleged to have used the residence for extramarital affairs. Another famous Fellowship member is South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

Darrell Issa represents parts of San Diego and Riverside in CA. He is the richest member of the House having made his fortune from "Viper" car alarms. That's his voice that says "Step away. Protected by Viper." Ironically he has been dogged by allegations that he was arrested for car theft as a young man. He bankrolled the recall effort against CA governor Gray Davis under the apparent impression that his fellow Repubs would support him in his run for governor. They went with Arnold instead leading Issa to drop out of the race at a weepy press conference.

Posted by: WilliamM | Oct 16, 2009 10:38:21 AM

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