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Hey Brian Brown: Dede's not the political dodo -- hurting gay people is!

by Jeremy Hooper

In New York's 23rd district, Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman is hellbent on attacking his Republican rival for U.S. Congress, NY Assembly member Dede Scozzafava, for nothing more than being too moderate (read: pro-gay) for his liking. In fact, in one recent web ad, the campaign didn't even make any bones about going negative on Dede's gay-friendly record. Their vid was posted under the official, likely unintended title "Dede Slam Ver 7":

Classy, right? Guess Vers. 1-6 were the highbrow ones.

Then here's another PAC ad attacking Scozzafava, with more attempts to use her pro-gayness against her:

Despite Newt Gingrich's support of Scozzafava, the far-right Republicans are absolutely apoplectic that the GOP would ever allow such a moderate in their supposedly big tent. And front and center is the fact that Dede cast a fair-minded vote in support of civil fairness. They've sent their bat signal blazing across the nation, once again using gay people (and Pelosi people) to raise wanton and misdirected ire.

So of course the National Organization For Marriage, an outfit that never found an even semi-gay-accepting person that they couldn't slam, is all about hopping aboard this bash Dede caboose:

WASHINGTON - Today the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) formally endorsed Doug Hoffman for Congress in New York’s 23rd Congressional District’s hotly contested special election.

“GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava is not only theoretically in favor of gay marriage, she actually voted for it, twice,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s executive director. “Voters in New York’s 23rd deserve a candidate who has the courage to stand up for their values, not the values of party bosses in New York or Washington.”

“The National Organization for Marriage will spend at least $150,000 in independent expenditures to make sure New York voters understand how strangely extreme and out of touch Dede Scozzafava’s views are,” Brown added.

National Organization for Marriage Takes Aim at Dede Scozzafava, Endorses Doug Hoffman in New York-23 [NOM]

Oh isn't it cute when Brian Brown, a grown man who literally dedicates his every waking day to hurting gay families, describes someone as being "extreme and out of touch"? Never mind that the people-elected New York assembly actually PASSED a same-sex marriage bill twice: First by a 24 vote majority and then, this year, by a 37 vote majority. For some odd reasoning that apparently sounds good inside of Brian's head, Assembly member Scozzafava's vote with the majority makes her all kinds of CRAZZZZY. Ya know, the same way that the Democratic-controlled U.S. Congress and president are supposedly crazy, even though they were elected into a handy majority, and Republican self-identity (20%) is currently at its lowest number since 1983! It's all based in the "if you tell a fib long enough..." principle of partisan politics.

The truth: On marriage equality, Dede Scozzafava is out of touch. She's out of touch with the extreme views that Brian Brown calls a career!


**RELATED (and enough said):

Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday endorsed Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman over Dede Scozzafava, the Republican Party's choice, in the special election for New York’s 23rd congressional district.
Palin backs Hoffman in NY-23 [Politico]

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Your thoughts

Uh, huh. This Hoffman, who seems to be trying really hard to hang-on to his (aging) sun-bleached blonde twink look, is attempting to appear just as anti-gay as he possibly can?

Methinks (s)he doth protest too much...

Posted by: JWSwift | Oct 22, 2009 3:48:29 PM

Scozzafava is actually not the incumbent, this is an open congressional seat and I beleive the Democrat in the race, Bill Ownes, also opposes marriage equality. I'm glad you've written about this race because it has implications for marriage equality that most in the media seem to have missed. Brian Brown's quote is funny because if you are a Republican, by supporting marriage equality, you ARE going against your party bosses in Washington and Albany. Scozzafava's vote did take a lot of courage and I'm disappointed that the gay community hasn't done more to help her in this race. If Dede Scozzafava loses this race it will send a terrible message to Republicans who might be willing to support marriage equality.

Posted by: Ken | Oct 22, 2009 8:53:55 PM


She voted for gay marriage TWICE!?!?!

Oh the nerve! She ought to be placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds!

Posted by: KZ | Oct 22, 2009 10:25:14 PM

Yea, sorry Ken, "incumbent" was a typo. Was running out the door and made a hasty mistake. Corrected.

And yes -- I agree with everything you have to say

Posted by: G-A-Y | Oct 22, 2009 11:02:28 PM

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