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Sha la la la: Mallory's Family Ties still stuck in Keaton decade

by Jeremy Hooper

Every so often, a story pops up about a same-sex family who wants to join some sort of club or organization under the same rate plan that hetero fams enjoy without incident. The latest comes out of Norfolk, Virginia, where Martha Daas and Shannon Bowman want to join the Mallory Country Club under the the drastically reduced rate that they should enjoy if Virginia law, like so many state and federal laws in this supposedly fair and free nation, would get its unconstitutional head out of its behind-the-times behind:

As a married couple, they would pay $1,000 to join the club and an annual rate of $630, said Lynn Tiedge, a club member. That's the same amount an individual pays to be in the club in West Ghent, Tiedge said.

As Bowman and Daas see it, they are being asked to pay double the rate a married couple pays. Though Virginia law does not allow same-sex couples to wed, the women consider themselves married and would legally marry in the state if they could, they said.

Country club bars same-sex family membership in vote [Virginian-Pilot]
(H/t: Michael Hamar)

Now, it should be noted that unlike at many clubs where nonsense like this has arisen, the membership of Mallory Country Club seems to be ahead of its policies, with a majority of them supporting a change in policy. But unfortunately, they've yet to obtain the needed 2/3 majority that such a change requires.

Screen Shot 2009-10-18 At 5.41.48 Pm-1Our suggestion: The ladies should claim that the so-called "gay agenda" also gives us queer folk firsthand insight into who has peed in the club's pool in the past year. Think about it: Many humans perform chlorine and pee pee mixing experiments, yet nobody admits it. So the ladies' threat to name names would surely have well over 2/3 of the embarrassed members discharging "you're in!" faster than you can say, "hey, did this water just get warm?" It's genius!

What can we say? When it comes to smart strategy, we're a whiz.

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Your thoughts

Wow, that's an inexpensive country club!

I'm sure that's not the point. ;)

But yeah, in Memphis, there are several gay couples who are also part of that whole high society thing, and I'll have to ask them how it works for them, whether or not they're members as a couple, or they fork it over double.

My guess is that one club, The University Club, allows them to join as married couples, and that the Memphis Country Club is stuck in 1865.

Posted by: Break the Terror (Evan) | Oct 18, 2009 6:00:37 PM

Actually, Mallory is more of a summer swim club as opposed to a true country club. In my married days, my kids swam for our local pool's team and we swam Mallory - and always beat them. :) It's ashame that a minority of members condone punishing the children of LGBT parents.

Posted by: Michael Hamar | Oct 19, 2009 12:21:41 PM

Thanks, Michael.

I just can't hear the club's name without hearing Michael J. Fox's voice. Malllory...

Posted by: G-A-Y | Oct 19, 2009 12:31:54 PM

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