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She can run but she can't hide (her re-election time eyebrow raisers)

by Jeremy Hooper

How extreme is Congressperson Michelle Bachmann (very Far R-MN)? Well to get that answer, we must first let you hear this guy:

This is local radio personality Bradlee Dean. He doesn't so much care for gay folk, progressives, Obama supporters, advocates for reproductive freedom, or just about anyone else who you might find on the G-A-Y holiday card list. He's also the founder of a highly controversial, aggressively named ministry called You Can Run But You Cannot Hide:

Personally we don't feel a need to run or hide, as coming out and knowing who we are is what finally brought us rest. But far be it for us to discourage the exercise that comes from a cardio run, or the gaiety that comes from a nice game of hide and seek.

But what does any of this have to do with Rep. Bachmann (one of the signers of the recent letter calling for Kevin Jennings' firing)? Oh, well...

Join us on November 12th at 6pm at the Sheraton Ballroom in Bloomington, MN for our Appeal To Heaven. Enjoy speeches by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and our own Bradlee Dean, and a full-course dinner. Reserve a table or a place now!
Michele Bachmann is Keynote Speaker at Fundraiser for Bizarre "Punk" Ministry [Kos]

Yes, that's right: Itchy Michie is joining forces with this guy to raise a little coin. Not that we didn't already know that she stands to the right of Strom Thurmond's ghost. But it's still jarring to hear that a member of Congress so actively courts this kind of homo-hostile, anti-anything-Obama rhetoric in a day and age where the discourse is being so frighteningly ruined by the same. Heck, our genitalia quivers at the mere thought of the chastity belt that would surely be placed on us if these folks' unique take on civil government were allowed to go on unfettered!

What can we do? Listen, make note, and wait. November of 2010 is not all that far away. And we're convinced (or at least hopeful) that Michie's congressional district is not this far anti-gay.

**The Dump Michelle Bachmann blog has much, much more on this: Michele Bachmann's Fellow Traveller Bradlee Dean on Abortion Syndicate Being "Mob Run" and Homosexuality [DMB]

**More on YCRBYCH: ‘You Can Run’ may be running afoul of the Constitution [Minnesota Independent]

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Your thoughts

It would be terrible if their "Appeal to Heaven" dinner brought them wicked indigestion from the Great One to whom they appeal! They'd still find a way to blame it on us gays, though!

Posted by: tom | Oct 19, 2009 11:26:41 AM

Blech!!! A pox on both their houses.

Posted by: Mykelb | Oct 19, 2009 12:58:49 PM

So, I tried to listen to him, and couldn't do it for long. saying going green is Idolatry?!?! As a Christian I can poke holes in that with just the book of Genesis. For me, taking care of the planet is not a form of worshiping the planet, it's taking care of a gift given to me by God.

The stuff about Kinsey was weird, although I don't know much about Kinsey except the basics. As a calm, level headed person It's getting hard for me to listen to these people talk like this. And it doesn't seem to make a difference if you confront them or not. If they are confronted they use it to feed into their hostile liberals schtick, and if we don't confront them they think we don't exist or don't have the balls to face them. Really for me I just spend my energy on my conservative friends, who know me and love me, they are usually willing to have a friendly debate.

Posted by: Piper | Oct 19, 2009 1:05:56 PM

These wackjobs make me want to embrace atheism.

Posted by: KZ | Oct 19, 2009 2:40:42 PM

We had a similar band come into our school way back in the 80s, but since it was in Canada they were able to directly preach at us during class time. I remember us heathens at the back heckling them mercilessly. It wasn't difficult; they were pretty dire.

I could get away with anything because my father was a biology professor and much feared on the PTA :D

Posted by: marsmannetje | Oct 19, 2009 4:11:46 PM

Did that woman actually say that adulterers and homosexuals should be in prison?

When did "family" start to mean "hate".

The stoopid, it burns!


Posted by: Timothy (TRiG) | Oct 19, 2009 4:19:43 PM

I'd also suggest being wary considering Bachmann's statement that "the separation of church and state is a myth" and the supposed Minnesota Family Institute claiming that all the country's problems as of late have been caused because the government hasn't been taking a "biblical world view." The blog Dump Bachmann would have further info on that.

Posted by: James Kessler | Oct 20, 2009 2:58:14 PM

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