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Video: Joe's hostility laid Behar

by Jeremy Hooper

Samuel Wurzelbacher: "I'm allowed to have opinion and not get chastised for it"

Principle of free speech: "See me after class!"


And can we please drop the "Joe The Plumber" drag? We don't think the Village People are even looking for new members right now, and Bob the Builder seems a long way from retirement.

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Your thoughts

Come on Joy, stop giving this schmuck airtime. His 15 minutes should have been up a long time ago

Posted by: Ron | Oct 27, 2009 11:43:08 AM

What a douchebag.

No, Joe, you have absolutely NO right to not be chastized for *anything.* Everyone has the right to say what they want and NOBODY is protected from scrutiny or criticsm.

I don't care that you've served your country, I don't care how hard you work, and I don't care how much money you raise for anybody. You are an ignorant bigot and I will never stop calling you out on it.

Posted by: DN | Oct 27, 2009 11:53:10 AM

Anyone is welcome to chastise me for my opinion:

Samuel Wurzelbacher is a DUMBASS.

Posted by: KZ | Oct 27, 2009 12:05:47 PM

I'll qualify that for "Joe". You can have your opinion but you will be ridiculed.

Posted by: Tony P | Oct 27, 2009 1:01:19 PM

I think that the "plumber's crack" pretty much ridicules/mocks himself every time he opens his mouth. He's the classic, stereotypical oblivious oafish boob who says something stupid, thinks immediately that it is brilliance, and looks like more of a fool when he refuses to accept that his utterance was ludicrous. Maybe he should run for Chairman of the RNC, because he's basically a more thuggish, white Michael Steele.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Oct 27, 2009 8:31:26 PM

"If he's touching little boys, isn't that gay?"

Is this guy serious? He really doesn't understand the difference between pedo and gay?

Love Joy, but she did a shitty job clarifying the MAJOR difference. And he skirted around her stat - that 70% of pedos are STRAIGHT. He totally ignored that and went to the "how can you say they're straight if they're touching ltitle boys?". He completely missed the point - that 70% of the people who are kid touchers are generally men touching little girls. (I don't even know if this stat is true, anyone have any ideas?).

Oh, and let's all clap for the "I have homosexual friends". I wonder if that's how he introduced his "homosexual friends" at parties. 'This is my homosexual friend, John'. And they both died of AIDS? Totally convenient, non?

This guy is an asshole, plain and simple. He has been spoon fed fear tactic lies by middle american bible values that gays touch kids and gay is a choice and that all gays die of aids and that its a lifestyle choice not a biological existance, and it's been repeated so many times to him that he just believes it. Plain and simple, this is the biggest threat to gays. It's not the Pete Lababs or the Maggie Ghallaghers of the world - they do enough self harm by being ENTIRELY batshit crazy, that even the right wingers stay away from them. It's the middle ground people from Missouri or Bumblefuck Pennsylvania who have never met a real gay person in their life, go to church and have been told over and over by people in their population 4,000 community that gay is wrong, and gays only think about sex, and that gays prey on children, and that being gay is an alternative lifestyle sexual choice for the sexually devient. And because they don't see themselves as "extremists", just "everyday" people, they think they are right. This is the biggets threat to equality for the LGBT community, guaranteed. The morons like JtP who promote ignorance and intolerance through false information and blind faith in the word of mouth of others around them.

Posted by: Stef | Oct 28, 2009 12:48:10 AM

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