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Video: This is not a two-sided debate. This is a one-sided hostile act!

by Jeremy Hooper

You're darn right, "yes on 1," that if your side should "win" in Maine next week, we pro-equality activists will be back again seeking demanding civil fairness! Because ultimately, our on-par citizenship is not a negotiation. And we will not stop until our opposition stops acting like it is!

This snippet from last night's WMTW/Portland Press herald debate on Question One:

(video via Nick Seaver)

The difference between our sides could not be any clearer. Their side has nothing to really gain, and only rhetorical nonsense to lose. We have everything to gain -- and both we and the state of Maine have peace, love, and fairness to lose!

We will not be bullied. Not ultimately.

WMTW/Portland Press Herald Question 1 Debate [YT]

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Your thoughts

Personally, I believe we are going to see an outbreak of happiness next week. I am not leaving any stone unturned and will be volunteering night and day from now through Election Day...but, when the receptionist at my very conservative dentist's office says to me, "Those Yes on 1 people are despicable," I think it is a sign that we have thoughtful, rational people here in Maine who will do the right thing on November 3rd.


Posted by: Leslie | Oct 29, 2009 9:51:13 AM

I like Mary's answer to that question at the very end about if No on 1 wins (and we will as long as we keep volunteering and working to win all the way up to election day), lots and lots of happiness, and very joyful future weddings.

No overconfidence people for equality, we keep at this. Nothing is for sure until November 3rd and don't fall for those polls saying we are winning. I want to see those polls say that 60% or more of the people saying they are for equal marriage. Maine needs phonebankers all the way till election day.

Posted by: Sam | Oct 29, 2009 11:22:15 AM

"..traditional monogamous marriage.."

This guy seems to believe that "No on 1" would bring about a rash of adultery amongst the (presumably) heretofore monogamous married heterosexual couples. So, to be clear, "Yes on 1" is saying that marriage equality will affect heterosexual married couples by turning them into adulterous / infidelitous whores! What next?

Top 5 deleterious effects of Marriage Equality:

Marriage equality turns straights into cannibals??
Marriage equality melts hole in polar ice caps??
Marriage equality causes straight old fart to beat the crap out of his heterosexual wife??
Marriage equality causes family pets from straight households to begin attacking school children in packs??

And the number 1 deleterious effect of Marriage Equality:
Marriage equality causes Homophobic Catholic Priests to explode into quivering hounds of gelatinous green goo??

Posted by: Dick Mills | Oct 29, 2009 2:46:35 PM

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