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Wait, Brian Brown: When did 'crucial roadblock' come to mean 'strong, supportive body of allies'?

by Jeremy Hooper

In a new e-blast, the National Organization For Marriage's Brian Brown says:

In New York state, African-American state senators like State Sen. Ruben Diaz (like Ratliff, an ordained minister) have emerged as crucial roadblocks on the path to imposing same-sex marriage.

Only problem for Brian? Sen. Ruben Diaz is Puerto Rican. He identifies as Puerto Rican, and is Chair of the Senate Puerto Rican/Latino Caucus.

But as for the New York state senate's Black caucus and gay support? Well, Sens. Eric Adams, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Kevin S. Parker, Bill Perkins, Antoine Thompson, and Velmanette Montgomery have all signed on as sponsors of Tom Duane's marriage equality bill! And Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has also expressed his full support for marriage equality, and will bring the bill to floor. Last time we checked, all seven of these individuals are African-American.

Thompson-Hsweb-1Smith-Hs-024-1(02-04-09) Adams-Hs-059New Headshot 1.Jpg-1Montgomeryheadshotbiography-1Sen Perkinsbioheadshot-1(03-09-09) Stewart-Cousins Hs-016-1Parker2007Biography-1

And in fact, the ONLY African-American state senator who has expressly voiced non-support for marriage equality is Shirley Huntley (D-Queens). Sens. John Sampson and Ruth Hassell-Thompson have both indicated that they are on the bubble. (*UPDATE, 12/09: Hassell-Thompson and Sampson both sided with equality.)

So yea -- Nice try, B-Dog. But before you race to divide us, you might want to race to the Google and do a little bit of research first!!

**Brian's full letter:


***UPDATE: Both Ruth Hassell-Thompson and John Sampson also ended up siding with equality. Here's how the vote broke down.

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Your thoughts

There was a blog post made over at the Iowa Republican about Ratliff's support of Bob Vander Plats and most of the respondents, even those that are not in favor of same-sex marriage thinks this will only hurt BVP's chances.

Of course, BVP most likely won't get anywhere near the general election ballot as former Gov Terry Brandstand, is expected to enter the race on the GOP side and is almost guaranteed to win their nomination as he is the only Republican with any chance of winning against Culver.

Also, note that Ratliff's endorsement is a personal endorsement and not an endorsement from the NAACP as an organization.

Posted by: Vast Variety, Iowa | Oct 16, 2009 5:06:37 PM

Pumkin Face Brown needs to cut the fucking crap already. Come right out and say it, the only reason you oppose marriage equality is because of your screwball religious convictions.

Posted by: Tony P | Oct 16, 2009 10:18:46 PM

Can we all send BBrown an e-mail pointing out his epic RACE FAIL in this letter? Because I get annoyed when people think I'm Italian (not that I have anything against Italians, I'm just Irish and proud and I like clarifying so to people who make the easy mistake because I'm dark), so I can only imagine that while Diaz might not be down with the mo's, if he's part of the Latino Caucus, he wants to be known as a Latino, and not just lumped in to some minority category of BBrown's choosing. "Ehhh, black, spanish, asian, they're all just not white right? He won't care."

Epic, FAIL

Posted by: Stef | Oct 17, 2009 3:30:46 AM

My email to Bbrown. I know it got deleted right after it got opened, but it made me feel better to at least write it out:

Mr. Brown,

While I'm sure that a.) you've already been informed of this information failure multiple times already and b.) you won't even read this e-mail now that you know what it's about, I still am going to write it anyway.

Outside of the fact that I disagree with your organization with every ounce of my body, as it paints my greatest and closest friend as something less than say you or Maggie Ghallagher, which he certainly is not, I found it almost comical that despite the outlandish amount of financial backing NOM has, your company can't even afford to hire a decent copy writer for your press releases that understands the importance of a good fact check.

Despite your dispicable lies that most of the African-Americans in positions of power in the New York government are against same sex marriages (a lie that would also take only the slightest bit of Google searching to dismiss), I find it hilarious that while you preach about th eimportance of "every creed and color and race" coming together to "support traditional marriage", you neglect to even understand the importance of the difference between each race. Say, the difference between African American and Latino, for instance? You use Senator Diaz as an example of NY state senators of African-American heritage that are opposed to same sex marriage. I hate to tell you, but Senator Diaz is NOT an African American. In fact, he is a chair member of the Latino Caucus and is of Puerto Rican decent. Not African American decent.

Beyond the fact that your organization uses lies and false rhetoric to promote a divisive and subtle hatred for people like my best friend Karl because he is gay, your inability to research ANYTHING properly shows your true colors when it comes to being able to rely on your organization for any kind of legitimate information. I would respect your side if you had at the very least accurate information when it comes to denouncing the life of my best friend, but you can't even provide THAT. I worked as an editor at the student run newspaper at the University of Maryland, and OUR copyeditors were more efficient than any of the people who are fact checking your press releases. That's beyond sad.

Further, this little "slip up" shows how disingenuous your cries of every creed and color love (if and only if they support "traditional" marriage"), because you seem to think that all minorities lump into one single category. Black is the same as Latino is the same as Asian is the same as Native American is the same as Puerto Rican is the same as Arab, right? Latino, black, African American, Hispanic, ALL THE SAME IN NOM'S EYES! What matters is that he opposes gay marriage. Who gives a hoot if he is a proud Latino man, being painted as a proud BLACK MAN is just as good in NOM's eyes. It's pathetic, really.

As I said, this basic error in simple fact checking shows the world how incredibly ridiculous your organization is, and how unreliable every single "fact" you put out into the world really is. Every argument you have against same sex marriage relies on religious dogma of your own creation, or "facts" that are based on nothing more than lies and unsubstaniated statistics or polls that your own organization makes up. Nothing that comes out of this organization is ever correct, its all fear tactics and lies created to make the average person believe gays and gay marriages are a threat to them, when it reality, the happiness of two other people has nothing to do with another person's life. Gay people have been getting married for years in MA, and last I checked, as much as I would love to see Fenway go, Mass. hasn't sunk into the Atlantic yet, and there has been no fire or brimstone from God. Just some bad weather and bad luck on the sports teams end.

I fully support a civil conversation about tow opposing sides when it comes to the discussion about gay marriage. However, I do not support a one sides, censored echo-fest that relies on the repetition and bolstering of blatant lies and falsehoods about gays, their lives, and their loves, and this is precisely what your organization and others like it do.

I will be sure to pass this epic race fail on to others, so they can see the truth about the "facts" in your press releases. You, my friend, are on the losing end of an unwinnable battle. In 40 years, your children and grandchildren will look back on you as those of former KKK members do. With shame and disgust for the efforts that could have been used in such better and more helpful ways that could have positively changed the lives of so many others.


Stefanie Williams
Garden City, New York resident for 23 years.

Posted by: Stef | Oct 17, 2009 3:49:56 AM

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