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Adam's bits cut for showing dancer if his own bits are

by Jeremy Hooper

Adam-LambertOn last night's American Music Awards, openly gay Adam Lambert was censored twice -- once for simulating oral sex with a male dancer, and once for "force" kissing a male keyboardist. Joe.My.God. has more, including the video:

Adam Lamberts Shocks AMA Audience By Simulating Oral Sex With Male Dancer [J.M.G.]

There hasn't been this much sucky dancing surrounding an "American Idol" runner-up since 2002's From Justin to Kelly.

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Your thoughts

Yo Adam it's the AMAs not VMAs - know your audience. Plus Bowie, Lennox, Madonna & Manson did it better!

Posted by: Alonzo | Nov 23, 2009 1:05:58 PM

Thank you, Alonzo!

I love Adam - despite his exercised convenience on when/where to be "out" - but the AMA performance was not suitable for television. Well... the oral sex part, at least.

Kissing a band member? I'm sure it's been done before amongst heterosexual bandmates. If Adam had kept it to just the kiss and still earned people's ire, I'd have his back. Not this time. He went too far.

Posted by: TommyOC | Nov 24, 2009 3:27:31 PM

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