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Audio: NARTH gears up for annual convention; Scientists prepare to smack heads in frustration

by Jeremy Hooper

NARTH is a sham organization that engages in faith-based lies in order to reach a preconceived outcome. Focus on the Family is its enabler:

[Audio has been pulled]

If you care to go to the convention, you should know that the cost is very high.

Screen Shot 2009-11-16 At 11.41.00 Am-1

Oh, and $360 is pretty steep too.

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Your thoughts

Scientists and intellectuals have long since given up arguing with these bat-shit-crazies, let alone smacking themselves in the head at the dismay. At most, they might blurt out a, "there they go again," as they dismiss the charlatans and move on to a more important section of the newspaper, like the funnies. There are more actual researchers hunting for Big-Foot, than even pay glancing attention to these loons.

Of course, that doesn't diminish the the virulent nature of the assault on credible research perpetrated by the thoroughly discredited, lying liars. Nor does it lessen the damage inflicted as a result of the lies promulgated by the fraudsters. The infuriating thing is that there are those who fully know that the liars are lying, and that they are committing fraud, and yet they repeat the lies anyway. But, they get a pass as they repeat those vile lies - even though they are equally culpable in the commission of the fraud.

One would think that if they are truly adherents to their religiosity, that they would fear (or at least abstain from) the perpetration of fraud themselves. One can only come to the conclusion that they actually aren't "adherents", either that or they fully embrace the fraudulent nature of their vocation.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Nov 16, 2009 4:34:00 PM

These are the pseudoscientists that the religious right has propped up as "evidence" that gay people can turn heterosexual. NARTH takes the cake. Their President is Dean Byrd who is (by the way) a Mormon which is a Church that Focus on the Family and The Family Research Council regards as a "non-Christian cult."

It's time that someone did some very in depth research on both Dean Byrd and Joseph Nicholosi who is NARTH's past president. An in depth researcher needs to research the lives of these men (especially Nicholosi) and really dig in deep into their childhoods, families they came from, their upbringings and why they took to the "ex-gay" vocation so wholeheartedly. These men need to be psychoanalyzed and understood. I know Dean Byrd definitely has issues. He's very self-righteous and I have a friend of mine who said he went to an Evergreen conference wherein a question and answer period was presented where people could write a question on a piece of paper and anonymously send the question to the front of the room. Someone asked Byrd whether he were gay or not and whether he was "struggling" with his own homosexuality. He turned beat red and became so incensed that he demanded whomever wrote the question to stand up. He said that they would hold the meeting until the individual stood up who wrote that note. He obviously wanted to embarrass the individual and shame him. That's a classic case of insecurity if there ever was one. Also Byrd looks like a spooky old Funeral Director. He's very strange.

Posted by: Benjamin | Nov 17, 2009 1:49:22 AM

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