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Charla takes off 'everyday citizen' mask, puts on press-released spokesperson hat

by Jeremy Hooper

Charla-BansleyWe of course knew that Charla Bansley is much more than a mere school teacher. And now that the anti-gay forces no longer need to scare voters with the TV spot into which they disingenuously cast her, they too can return to referring to her as the CWA-leading, conservative-connected, non-layperson that she's always been. This from a Concerned Women For America press release:

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA), said, “Every time Americans vote on marriage, traditional marriage wins. As people become aware of the true homosexual agenda, that it is not about equality but indoctrinating children and discriminating against Christians, they shore up protections against it. We are grateful for the courageous work of Christians in Maine like CWA leaders Charla Bansley and Penny Morrell, who withstood vicious attacks for standing for marriage.”

Charla Bansley, State Director for CWA of Maine, said, “This victory is a tale of hard work from Mainers across the state. Men like Eric White, who begins his day at 3:30 a.m. as a lobsterman, ended most of his days way after dark collecting signatures, putting up signs, or making ‘get out the vote’ calls. Young people, like those from Calvary Chapel School, told their stories at a press conference, made phone calls, and went door to door on Election Day. Women like Gete Thomson gathered her friends and stood on busy street corners waving ‘Yes on 1’ signs every Friday and Saturday.

“This victory is a tribute to the ingenuity of Mainers. The stories I have heard in the last few weeks are truly Maine, like that of Mark Hewes, who sprayed his yard sign with “hunting scents.” That was the last sign stolen from his yard! Can you imagine the smell in that car?

“This victory is a testament to the sacrifice of Mainers like Don Mendell, who risked his livelihood as a public school counselor to appear on a ‘Yes on 1’ commercial. Families and whole churches have given financially to the campaign.

“While we are enjoying the victory, we must consider how we are going to sustain the win for generations to come. We must elect men and women to the State House who will defend families!”
The Vote is In: Maine Protects Marriage [CWA]

They lied about their being a supposed epidemic of sign theft, even though the local authorities reported sign stealing to be down. They lied about the supposed schools issues, even though every credible person and their brother picked apart the flaws in the ridiculous argument that LGBT instruction hinges on marriage equality. They lied about whatever they thought would lead them to victory, thinking that the end would justify the mean. Using Ms. Bansley in their first spot -- with the obvious implication that she, a private Christian school teacher who is a campaign operative, is nothing more than a public school teacher -- is just another slice of deception from the most unbelievably deceptive campaign we ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

It may have taken them to a dirty victory. But the tale of their trail of chicanery will be told long after the very idea of voting on a minority's civil rights is as unthinkable as it should already be.

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Your thoughts

Of course they lied. They lied and fostered hatred, as always. And it worked, as always. The question is, why do people keep insisting it's proper that our rights should be put to "the will of the people"? Nobody else's are.

Posted by: Buffy | Nov 4, 2009 8:46:38 PM

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