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Pete's '70s history book: Berkowtiz and Milk share same chapter?

by Jeremy Hooper

Son-Of-Sam-1David Berkowitz killed six people and wounded seven, claiming that a demon-possessed dog convinced him to paralyze an entire city with bone-chilling fear. So naturally, in the obsessively anti-gay mind of one Peter LaBarbera, the plight of the so-called "Son of Sam" killer is one that should be referenced when discussing homosexuality:

If our nation’s moral trajectory is not reversed, we will sink further into ungodliness and inevitable judgment, all the while patting ourselves on the back for our “tolerance” and new ideas about sin. And yet, Christians know the way back: a humble return to following Almighty God through the daily study of His Inerrant Word, the Bible — which reveals His Son, Jesus Christ, who alone is the Way, Truth and the Life.

(Yes, whoever you are, whatever you’ve done, you can trust your life to Christ. He will forgive you and take the punishment for your sins. Salvation is a free gift from God — you can’t earn your way to heaven — “so that no one can boast.” And God’s grace is limitless: did you know that David Berkowitz, the infamous “Son of Sam” New York City serial killer, is now a powerful Christian witness to the life-changing power of the Gospel?! Watch
Berkowitz’s amazing YouTube Testimony HERE.)

We must teach a new generation that they have no right to redefine God’s timeless moral code just because, well … they’re young and hip. (I write this as a hipness-challenged 47 year old.) Young followers of Christ must understand that they cannot truly love homosexuals without telling them the full truth — that “gay identity” and “same-sex relationships” are not part of God’s plan for anyone. “Feelings” can lead people astray (our hearts are deceitful), but there is freedom through Christ, as ex-”gay” Pete Lines told our banquet audience last month.

Happy Thanksgiving – Pray that America Would Return to God [AFTAH]

Well I did knock off a big bowl of Kellog's Smart Start this morning. Perhaps Pete's just confused about the phonetics behind "cereal killing"? Maybe the problem is less one of homophobia, more one of homophone-ia?

Or maybe he really does view the world in a way skewed enough to see our love as comparable to mass murder. But considering that thoroughly messed up thought would make this writer cough up that aforementioned bowl of flakes, I think I'm gonna go with the misunderstanding explanation for now.

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Your thoughts

I'm sure that if Berkowitz's victims returned from the dead they would be most cheered to hear that after he had been caught and convicted he found Christ.

It's difficult to know what's more offensive; is it the anti-gay blathering, or the implication that saying a prayer absolves you of all personal responsibility and guilt?

Posted by: Baron Scarpia | Nov 30, 2009 9:53:56 AM

I love that the Christian right is holding up a domestic terrorist as a role model.

Posted by: DN | Nov 30, 2009 10:17:24 AM

47 year old? I would have guessed older.

At least Pete got one thing right, he is definitely hipness-challenged.

Posted by: Sam | Nov 30, 2009 10:22:22 AM

Not to defend Peter but I don't think he's comparing homosexuality to mass murder (at least not in this post) - it seems his goal (at least in this post) is that we can pray away the gay and be forgiven for our 'sin'.

Posted by: Alonzo | Nov 30, 2009 12:47:16 PM

Well of course that's his point, Alonzo. But he's doing it through the vehicle of a serial killer, comparing his "sin" and "repentance" to our supposed "sin." The mere invocation of Berkowitz's name is Inexcusable.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Nov 30, 2009 1:10:51 PM

It's as if Pete's bigotry and his stupidity were racing against each other to see which could reach the bottom of the barrel first.
Or somthing that makes more sense than what I said. :)

Posted by: Bill S | Nov 30, 2009 7:24:42 PM

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