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Maine: You were duped

by Jeremy Hooper

Mike-Heath-Tony-Perkins-Charla-Bob-brids-of-a-featherMaine's longtime anti-gay leader, Mike Heath, is revealing some very interesting points in his latest blog post. For one, he confirms exactly what we told you for many months, which is that even though his ties with them run deep, the so-called Stand For Marriage Maine coalition who managed to pass Question One deliberately hid Mr. Heath because they knew that his overheated rhetoric would have been too insightful/inciteful:

"The powers that be knew something I didn't know even before I knew it. You can't put that ad and Mike Heath in the same campaign. It just won't work in a liberal state, or so they think. Did I need to resign to bring about a victory? Who knows. We do know that YES on 1 prevailed on Tuesday.

It was my duty to stand on principle. That is the duty of every man.

Had the Stand for Marriage Coalition allowed me into the campaign they knew that I would fight them every step of the way on these points.

Also, he comes right out and says another thing that was obvious to those of us in the know: That the Stand For Marriage Maine coalition was 100%...

..." a creation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland."

And then the longtime "pro-family" leader (who was feted by the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins just last winter at a Focus on the Family-connected banquet) shows exactly why the Catholic "yes on 1" coalition did reject him, when he displays his all-too-transparent willingness to admit that the pro-family movement is a tiny tent meant to accommodate nothing but Christians:

"The future of the pro family movement is all about Christianity. It is about Christians, Catholic and Protestant, coming together on the basis of shared theological principles. If we continue to allow politics to shape our movement we will lose the civilization. I should think that's pretty clear by now."

For a movement that is defined on masking the truth, muddying the water, hiding the faith motivations, and sidestepping the real issues, Mike Heath was simply too honest. He wasn't willing to let the people who were so willing and eager to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him for so many years to suddenly put on masks that he found to be fake. You have to give him points there. And you also have to point to him whenever you run a post-mortem on the Stand For Marriage Maine campaign, as their willingness to throw their friend under the bus out of political need gives us a great glimpse into (a) their own realizations about their movement. and (b) the connections that we must be even more diligent about highlighting when Schubert-Flint rolls its PR machine into the next state.

*Mike's full piece: A Simple Idea [Mike Heath]

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And look what Mike Heath is up to now.

Proponent Information

An Act to Remove Protections Based on Sexual Orientation from the Maine Human Rights Act, Eliminate Funding of Civil Rights Teams in Public Schools, Prohibit Adoptions by Unmarried Couples, Add a Definition of Marriage, and Declare Civil Unions Unlawful

Michael S.Heath
70 Sewall Street
Augusta, ME 04330
(H) (207) 445-4929 (W) 622-7634


Sigh...I thought he was in Tanzania!

Posted by: Leslie | Nov 5, 2009 2:24:08 PM

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