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Nobody on our side wants millions of people to deexist!

by Jeremy Hooper

A majority of Mainers voted to embolden this:

"stop the homosexualist political movement"

"Surely we don't want to build a society where our children and grandchildren are encouraged to invent new perversions to avoid boredom"

"The path to sanity is well defined. We don't need experts to help us define marriage. We already know it when we see it."

"Homosexuality is a sickness."

"We need to stop putting up with it."

"It is perilous to disconnect sex from creation. It is even more perilous to pretend that pleasureable [sic] sex should be associated with acts unspeakable."

"In the interest of protecting and affirming all of Maine's people, especially our children and grandchildren, we must repeal domestic partnership laws that provide benefits on the basis of homosexuality, we must defund the so-called "civil rights teams" and remove "sexual orientation and gender identity" from the Maine Human Rights Act and the Maine Civil Rights Act. It would also be prudent to reinstate Maine's anti-sodomy law that was quietly removed from our criminal code in the late 1970s."

"We must not stop fighting until Maine's laws are once again just, and equal rights are guaranteed to all Maine citizens on the basis of good conduct, not sinful behavior. For the sake of our children and grandchildren we must fight this evil."

How's that lobster sound to you right about now?

Righteousness Prevails [Maine Family Policy Council]
*Oh, and before you write these words off as "fringe" and disconnected from the larger anti-gay movement, consider this. They were written by Mike Heath, a man who, just last February, was feted by the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins at a MFPC banquet. Oh, and MFPC is part of the Focus on the Family network of local groups.

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Your thoughts

Mike Heath IS fringe, Jeremy. He's LaBarbara's buddy, for heavens sake. Don't read his words - not today, anyway - he'a a boil on the butt of humanity, he is. Someday, he and his ilk will move so far right they'll fall off the edge of the earth. It is flat, you know. I believe it says so in the Bible. Somewhere.

Posted by: ColdCountry | Nov 4, 2009 1:04:06 PM

No actual comment. Just BLASTED out.

Posted by: LOrion | Nov 4, 2009 1:14:00 PM

But see, CC, that's a big part of the problem, that people write these folks off as "fringe."

Where did we lose? Rural Maine. Where has Mike Heath been drumming up anti-gay hostility for almost two decades? RURAL MAINE!

And, as mentioned, his employer up until two months ago, Maine Family Policy Council/Christian Civic League, is deeply connected to FOF/FRC! And who were Mike's big buddies all of those years before this campaign? Bob Emrich! Charla Bansley! All of the people who steered this latest campaign!

It's all connected. There is no "nice" form of inequality. Even if you are voting against gays for what you think are decent reasons, you are still siding with the troops who quite literally want us gone. And more often than not, you don't have to pull the thread too far to find that it's all connected.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Nov 4, 2009 1:38:21 PM

How about formulating a boycott on Maine lobster? Maybe when the legislators feel it in their tax pocket, they will take steps to write new legislation protecting our marriage civil rights.

Maybe lobsterboy won't be so excited to be putting up Yes on 1 signs when he's laid off due to diminished lobster demand.

Save the lobster, save our rights! Just imagine the lobster image in a cirlce with a red line through it~
I'll be the first willing to go around putting up those signs on Church front lawns....

Posted by: Julie McGillivray | Nov 5, 2009 9:52:42 AM

Well as a vegetarian, I boycott lobster consumption everyday. So yea, I'm with you on that ;-)

But I'm not going to boycott this gorgeous state. Portland, ME, is one of my favorite cities in America, and they came out for us in huge numbers. But I would absolutely avoid areas where the margins were so hostile towards us, just as I do in every state/country where similar things have happened.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Nov 5, 2009 10:09:10 AM

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