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Video: FRC invited Chai to speak; now slicing both her footage and her back

by Jeremy Hooper

In order to smear out lesbian Chai Feldblum as one of the "radicals" who has done more "damage to the family" than President Obama himself (their words), the Family Research Council has created this video:

Only thing? We remember this panel discussion quite well. We remember it being much longer than they show above. We remember how nice and welcoming Tony Perkins was in the days before he was writing her off as a "radical in power" and "plant" (again, their words). We remember how fully Professor Feldblum extrapolated all of these ideas, and how deeply she, a former Orthodox Jew, connected to the situation. We remember how sensitive she was to people of faith, even chastising the LGBT activists who tell religious people to "just get over it." And we remember how thoroughly respectful she was to the whole process, and how much her deep desire to protect both religious liberties and civil rights shown through.

Fortunately, you can now remember along with us, as the non-cherry picked version of this panel has been uncovered. After listening to Tony Perkins warm words (which we've included to show the jarring diff. between the way FRC and its associates talk in public vs. how they write about us in their hit pieces), follow along with Ms. Feldblum's testimony and notice how slickly FRC edited the footage in order to make her to make her seem more "anti-religious" and "militant":

It's no surprise that FRC would cherry-pick certain comments, excise what isn't politically expedient, highlight certain words with dramatic effect, and butt the whole thing up between yet another terse quote that was edited at the hand of Maggie Gallagher. They have an addiction to oversimplification, because reasoned assessment is their movement's Achilles heel. Never mind that these are complex issues, and that this is a highly respected scholar with a wide breadth of knowledge. She's a lesbian and a progressive who wants to work for a President who they claim "has done his fair share of damage to the family." So why should they encourage their followers to engage in fair-minded discourse when their torch and pitchfork delivery service requires much less time and effort?

**Oh, and FRC: Quit taking our headlines:

G-A-Y, 9/14/09
FRC, 11/17/09
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Your thoughts

Why would God order a sacrament that represents open and gay sex? The priests of Cotytto, the goddess of promiscuous and gay sex, were called "Baptae," the same base form of Baptism. See http://www.Goldenrule.name/Baptism-Cotytto/
(There is a tremendous amount of supportive evidence recently published on the homepage -- over eight years of research. Since this matter has been greatly ignored by today's religious leaders, if the gay and lesbian community doesn't disseminate this information -- which proves very much to their favor -- then these facts will soon again become hidden. Like people would vote much more for gay & lesbian issues if they didn't think it was a sin. This is not another made up movie, this is for real.)
Also see: http://www.Goldenrule.name/#HOMOSEXUALITY

Posted by: The Goldenrule | Nov 19, 2009 5:55:11 PM

About hate crime:
You know, when someone says they don't like homosexuality, it's allowed and is Freedom of Speech; but, when they say that Jesus denounced homosexuality, with my findings (especially with the Baptism-Cotytto connection), it's now slander to promote hate crime, and therefore can be legally prosecuted.

You see, anyone who calls themselves a Christian places Christ at the top of their understanding of God, making any before or after contradiction invalid. You see, if we allow Peter or Paul to overrule Jesus, then any Pope today can overrule Jesus. Therefore, when Christians say they support anti-gay parts of the Bible, they need to clarify that it is a contradiction of Jesus, otherwise criminals will incorrectly assume their support is Jesus / God, thereby promoting hate crime; especially since Jesus has been traditionally misunderstood as anti-gay. The "logical" validity of the recently found Baptism-Cotytto connection is very important for the effort to end hate crime. Obviously, God configured Baptism in this manner to circumvent strong Middle Age church corruption. See http://www.Goldenrule.name/Baptism-Cotytto/ for the facts, and http://www.Goldenrule.name/#HOMOSEXUALITY also showing new sufficient evidence to question the validity of all the other anti-gay Bible references.

Right after I mailed 12,000+ post cards in October, alerting all the major religious and media leaders about my Baptism-Cotytto finding -- which was greatly ignored for obvious reasons -- the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches did get together (historically, the first time ever) to create a manifesto stabilizing their strong stance against promiscuity and homosexually called the Manhattan Declaration, published November 20, 2009, see http://www.manhattandeclaration.org Chuck Colson (one of the original drafters) actually stated they do plan to break hate crime laws: see YouTube - Manhattan Declaration - Mike Huckabee with Chuck Colson

In addition to the Baptism-Cotytto connection, there are several other major lies of today's Church. These can also support hate crime legislation:

"Fornication" and "sexual immorality" only meant "prostitution" in the original Scriptures. See: http://www.Goldenrule.name/#THE_SEX_LIE__EVIDENCE Prostitution is denounced because it is "selling" something that should be free. Any "conditional" sex would fit in the same category.

Today's churches stating "agape" love (Jesus' "new commandment" in John 13:34) is "non-sexual" love, is a flat-out lie; and therefore proves that they are the perfect definition of the "Antichrist" (unless you want to believe that they can change whatever they want). See: http://www.Goldenrule.name/Agape-Eros_GodsOpposition.htm then http://www.Goldenrule.name/Septuagint_overview.htm Plus, logically, Jesus instructing His disciples to "love one another" sounds pretty gay to me. That's why they have to remove the sex entirely out of "agape" love.

The first non-Christian writing told that Christians "came together to celebrate genitalia," which included St. Peter and Paul. See: http://www.Goldenrule.name/Orgy_Tacitus-Nero.htm Nearly two hundred years later, Minucius Felix (also, Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Origen, and more) told how the then Christian orgies were purposely done in the dark to promote random variety, which definitely sounds bi-sexual to me. See http://www.Goldenrule.name/Orgy_MinuciusFelix-Octavius.htm for an example. I've found over 30 different accounts of early Christian ritual orgies, now indexed on the homepage.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Jesus commanded us to NOT marry in Matthew 19:10-12. See: http://www.Goldenrule.name/Marriage--JESUS_COMMANDS_to_not_marry.htm Marriage should stay a secular law, until the desire for marriage slowly dissolves after STD/HIV cures are found.

There are many other supportive findings in protection of the innocent, indexed on the homepage (all supportive for stronger hate crime legislation): http://www.Goldenrule.name

Now would be a good time to contact your attorneys, as critics of Obama's recently passed hate crime amendment (see here and PDF page 1488 [doc page 1367]) worry about the clause "unless the Government demonstrates that application of the burden to the person is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest." Well, the fact that slander is already illegal should be more than enough to "compel[] governmental interest."

"Logic" dictates that God wouldn't condemn victimless acts; and, would be smart enough to know what the world desperately needs more of -- the Goldenrule:

It could be that the gay community "just trusts" today's church's basic claims, because Jesus has already stated in uncorrupted English, exactly who will and will not be saved in Matthew 25:31-46, in that all who hold a strong Goldenrule will be saved; therefore, one can be gay, even an atheist, as such doesn't violate the Goldenrule. (And, it states exactly who will not be saved: those who don't practice a strong Goldenrule, regardless if they're straight, go to church, etc.) Therefore, don't underestimate the power of trusting someone of high overwhelming influence. Military leaders have proven that people will run at a machine gun, if someone of influence tells them to. Adolf Hitler even said: "The bigger the lie, the easier the sell."

Someone of high gay influence needs to read my website. Why wait until 2012 to expose the vast dishonesty of today's Church? But, I'm guessing my emails are automatically going into their delete folders. So, at least start talking about this stuff.

Posted by: The Goldenrule | Dec 7, 2009 7:23:04 PM

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