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Warren piece: Cooler conservative head calls out today's ridiculous con

by Jeremy Hooper

Kudos to conservative writer, researcher, and "ex-gay" proponent Warren Throckmorton. For even though we disagree greatly with W.T. on a whole host of LGBT issues, we applaud him for having the backbone to call out those "would-be Martin Luther King's" within the anti-equality movement who are gathering in the nation's capital today to protest inclusive hate crimes laws:

Ho hum. Some religious leaders and preachers are going to be in Washington DC today to "engage in civil disobedience to protest inclusion of 'sexual orientation' in hate crimes law."

These folks, led by Christian Anti-Defamation Commission head, Gary Cass, believe that the recent hate crimes revision signed by Barack Obama criminalizes speech which disapproves of homosexuality. So they see their action in the same tradition as Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. If there was a law against hyperbole, then perhaps these guys would get some jail time; however, I don't think they will get arrested today if they just intend to say homosexuality is wrong.

The new law does not criminalize speech as the ministers will no doubt discover today. A plain reading of the law makes that clear.

Will disapproval of homosexuality lead to jail today in Washington, DC? [Christian Post]

Warren sees this for exactly what it is: A misguided political stunt build on a complete canard. And rather than walk in lock-step with something he knows to be false, he has risked alienation by taking to the extremely homo-hostile Christian Post and speaking truth to his movement's powers. We respect that.

**Those who will be protesting today include the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, extreme right lawyer Mat Staver, talk show host Janet Porter, AFTAH's Peter LaBarbera, major Prop 8 preacher Jim Garlow, and Sally Kern's husband. Interesting how these folks distance themselves from each other when convenient, yet come together with the same sort of ease. Here's a press release.

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Your thoughts

I expect the local press and media will not give these schmucks a seconds' worth of air time or one iota of coverage in the newspapers since it is, legally, a non-issue. The only people covering this story will be the far right news organizations such as Faux News and OneNewsNow so that the anti-gay industry has something to post on their websites.

Posted by: Mykelb | Nov 16, 2009 10:47:23 AM

Well Mykelb, this is actually one instance where I encourage every pro-equality person who possible can to get on site and record the entire thing. They are holding this thing for one reason and on reason only: To have another cause célébre. We need as much proof as possible to refute their false stories.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Nov 16, 2009 10:56:07 AM

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